Saturday, November 11, 2023

mixed trains on the Otiria to Okaihau and Whangarei to Opua routes in NZ, 1973

By Wilson Lythgoe on the International Steam site

In my previous Northland tales I've looked at two of the 'goods with car attached' services that were running in 1973 (the Otiria to Okaihau and Whangarei to Opua trains). There were also another two and my intention was to ride them all over the course of a weeks holiday. The one that needed the most planning was the service between Wellsford and Helensville. Trains 30 and 33 ran Friday only and if I missed either it was going to be a long wait. Train 30 was scheduled to leave Wellsford at 11.50am and most likely took between two and three hours to trundle the less than sixty kilometres down to Helensville. I then had to hang round until the return left at 6.00pm.

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