Monday, December 26, 2022

see-through jet engine


1912 Fiat 12/15 hp (a.k.a. Zero)


"I like to read a good real book in the quietness of the forest'

Diesel Locomotive Repair and Startup on a 1949 EMD F7A


how a diesel-electric locomotive works

For newcomers :-)

luxurious Talgo train begins operation between Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt

CAIRO – 23 December 2022: Egypt will start the operation of the first luxurious train (Talgo train) round trips this Saturday.

The train will depart at 2:00 PM from Ramses Railway station in downtown Cairo for Alexandria’s Sidi Gaber station.

Starting on Sunday, December 25, 2022, two trains will depart from Misr station in Alexandria and Sidi Gaber station at 5:55 AM and 6:05 AM, respectively, per week. They go to Ramses Railway station, where two trips will return heading for Alexandria’s stations.

On August 9, 2022, Egypt and Spain's Talgo signed a contract for the latter to supply seven luxurious sleeper trains, which will be a total of 126 railcars, and provide maintenance and spare parts for 15 years.

Every train will consist of 10 second-class passenger railcars, five first-class passenger railcars, two dining cars, and a power car. The contract also provides that Talgo and Egypt's Semaf Locomotives join forces on localizing sleeper train production.

This signing is the second protocol in the field of localizing the mobile unit industry in Egypt, after the contract to localize 320 subway vehicles with 40 trains, which was previously signed with the Hyundai Rotem and Nerk companies union to localize the metro train industry, with the aim of meeting the expected increase in the number of passengers in the coming years. (from

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Happy Christmas to our customers and readers

It's been yet another year of worldwide absurdity caused by politicians and it's no wonder they are so much despised. But it's now time to focus instead, if only briefly, on the things that are cause for happiness and pleasure.  

We also plea for positive steps by all governments towards genuine, lasting peace and prosperity.

Next year we plan to revive to some extent our retail operation, but the main activity, as it has been now by some 5 years, will continue to publishing services, whether for digital, print publications or both.

Monday, December 19, 2022

scenes of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DDR) in the 1960s

 Still plenty of steam at that time.

'take the bus and not the car home'

Vincent van Gogh's "Les roulottes, campement de bohémiens"

In British English, Roulotte gets translated as a caravan, in American English as a trailer. This depicts a Gypsy camp near Arles (1888).

'would you like to read my good real book with me?'

the scenic Colombo to Badulla railway, Sri Lanka

From the BBC website

"The 291km track takes in a mix of deep gorges, craggy cliffs, cascading falls, lakes and rivers from Sri Lanka's west coast into its mountainous interior. It twists and turns through 46 tunnels, snaking past high montane canopy with bright red rhododendrons and wild ferns, a fragment of the native hill country forest cover left untouched by British colonisers. On a bright day, sun-drenched hills stretch down to the glistening southern coastline from the train window as far as the eye can see.

"This slow, 10-hour long journey might be inconvenient for the modern-day traveller, but it's so enchantingly scenic that it's become a bucket list adventure for many visitors."

Full article

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Russian 0-10-0

Class Er, this was built by MAVAG of Hungary in 1949, one of 2716 that were built in Soviet satellite countries for the 5 ft gauge Soviet system after WW2.

Data and details are here

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

'in winter I like to read a good real book by the fire'

Puget Sound Electric Railway car art

by J. Craig Thorpe -- details of the scene here

This interurban railway ran for 38 miles between Tacoma and Seattle, Washington between 1902 and 1928. The railway's reporting mark was "PSE". 

Portions of the right-of-way still exist as multi-use trail through Milton, Washington, as well as from Pacific to Tukwila, Washington.


This is a traditional maritime navigation instrument which today has been made redundant by GPS, although ships' officers are still expected to know how to use one.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica it determines "the angle between the horizon and a celestial body such as the Sun, the Moon, or a star, used in celestial navigation to determine latitude and longitude. The device consists of an arc of a circle, marked off in degrees, and a movable radial arm pivoted at the centre of the circle. A telescope, mounted rigidly to the framework, is lined up with the horizon. The radial arm, on which a mirror is mounted, is moved until the star is reflected into a half-silvered mirror in line with the telescope and appears, through the telescope, to coincide with the horizon. The angular distance of the star above the horizon is then read from the graduated arc of the sextant. From this angle and the exact time of day as registered by a chronometer, the latitude can be determined (within a few hundred metres) by means of published tables.

"The name comes from the Latin sextus, or one-sixth, for the sextant’s arc spans 60°, or one-sixth of a circle. Octants, with 45° arcs, were first used to calculate latitude. Sextants were first developed with wider arcs for calculating longitude from lunar observations, and they replaced octants by the second half of the 18th century."

Fiat railcars at New Plymouth NZ, 1975

Pretty much the only thing that still exists in this Norm Daniel pic is the Tasman Hotel in the background (now called Richmond Estate). The red railcar was headed for Taumarunui over the Stratford-Okahukura Line, and the blue one, named the Blue Streak, to Wellington.  There is still a single track line to the port through here.

For lots more, see our books.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

NZR 4-6-2 A#422

A cigarette card from 1913 and a photo of the loco of unknown date.  This was one of 50 of this class built over 1909-1914 by A. & G. Price of Thames, NZ (another 8 were built by NZR's Addington Workshops).  For lots more, see the book New Zealand Railway Memorabilia.

St Petersburg, Russia, railway station ambience