Thursday, December 27, 2018

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

large sail and rowboat, India, 1900s

It's hard to tell what sort of cargo it was intended for, if other than general merchandise.

aeroplane 'L'Arrivée' (the arrival), 1910

It may be relief that a pilot has made it to the landing field, but more likely a race winner.

'Hot Rod Race'

or a normal scene in West Auckland maybe... Art by Robert Williams (American, 1943 -), dated 1976.  Website

a steam train crosses the Taubenloch gorge near Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, 1910s

cars in a West German town, 1960

Along with the ubiquitous VW Beetles and a Karmann Ghia is an early 1950s Mercedes.

steam train along Copenhagen harbour, 1960s

With the Hotel Europa, now the HI Danhostel.  Trains along there are now a thing of the past.

1962 'Jet Smooth' Chevrolet Impala

sto(p) bus

"The letters are too big? Not my department."  In slavic languages Sto means 'hundred'.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas wishes to customers and readers

As in each of the last 10 years, customers for traditional books have fallen again as those who who prefer them to small screens steadily diminish and the traditional book economics are now so poor that all our intended general market publications have now been cancelled.  But we still have reasonable stocks of several backlist titles.

We continue with the service side of the business for those who want everything from photo restoration through design to complete books on any subject.

Have a save and enjoyable holiday period.

Deutsche Bundesbahn class 624 diesel multiple units

This was a series of B-2+2-2+2-B type MAN-built 3-car diesel-hydraulic sets from the 1960s. A pre-series run of 8 power cars and 4 unpowered mid-cars dated from 1961. The main production run comprised 80 power cars and 55 unpowered mid-cars built between 1964 and 1968. Originally designated as VT (Verbrennungstriebwagen) 24, they were later designated as Class 624. Final withdrawal was in 2005.

car by the lake, Weggis, Switzerland, 1950s

What is it?

cars in West Berlin, 1956

"U denk dies Porsche ist zu conspicuous für espionage?"

Inflight magazine -- with an obvious difference

If it looks like an airline magazine for Muslim terrorists they probably would like it: an artistic instruction manual for hijacking, equipped with essential things such as a specially developed for this occasion safety instruction card and a vomit bag.  A black humor satire of what every airline passenger finds in front of them in the seat pocket. 128 full color pages in 214 x 277 mm.

1972 Volvo advertisement

Michelin men circa 1920

If you didn't know what Michelin made, these pics should have made it fairly obvious!  The first photo with a Model T Ford van seems to have been taken in Cuba.

'I like to read a book on my bed, forget smartphones'

1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster