Saturday, September 25, 2021

1941 Chevrolet 5 passenger coupe

SNCF 40100 class at Bruxelles Midi with TEE train 'L'Oiseau Bleu' in 1979

The SNCF CC 40100 was a French class of quad-voltage 4,340 kW (5,820 hp) electric locomotives intended for high-performance passenger services on the Trans Europ Express (TEE) routes of the 1960s and 1970s. 

This non-stop international working required them to support the electrical systems of several networks. They are significant for combining three innovations in locomotive design: quad-voltage working, three-axle monomotor bogies and the new 'Nez Cassé' body style of French locomotives.

It was a class of 10 units built in 1964 (first batch of 4), and 1969–1970.

Power output (continuous rating) was :
(40101-3) 3,670 kW (4,920 hp)
(40104-10) 4,480 kW (6,010 hp)

Final withdrawal was in 1996, 3 are preserved.

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