Monday, January 24, 2022

1938 Packard Super Eight soft top

Pacific Electric trolleys at the North Hollywood station, greater L.A., August 1952

Pacific Electric streetcars no. 5150 and 5132 stopped at North Hollywood Station, at 11275 Chandler Boulevard,  on the Van Nuys line in the San Fernando Valley. People are seen walking near the station, which says "Southern Pacific - Pacific Electric Station" across the top. The signs on the front of the streetcars say "Los Angeles."

In 2017 the station reopened as a commuter cafĂ©, see here and the Google Maps walkaround here

'would you like to read a good real book?'

cars in Burbank, greater L.A., early 1950s

A used-car lot and an oldtimer Oldsmobile approaching the camera.

1959 DeSoto 2-door hardtop

With Rock Hudson?