Wednesday, March 30, 2022

1936 Cadillac V-16 Series 90

1965 Morris 1622 cc van

'I much prefer consulting a real book from my own library'

walking to the tram, Wellington Botanic Garden, 1950

The tram would have come from Karori.  The date of Sunday, 15 October and what look like tulips in the foreground suggest that new blooms was the occasion for the larger than normal crowd.  The building across the the road was later replaced with the Sharella Motor Inn during the 1960s.  

For lots more, see the books Wellington: a Capital Century and Wellington Transport Memories. (Leslie Adkin pic)

a little quiz question our readers should know the answer to

Climax on a logging train art

By George Williamson who says: "This painting shows a fictitious, but typical, Climax geared engine crossing a logging trestle. These were a popular type used for logging as they were geared down and driven on all wheels by a centre shaft. logging locomotives were not normally very big with 90 tons being a large engine, and most weighing in at 40 to 60 tons due to the track conditions. The misty scene is typical of Vancouver Island and, although the scene is imaginary, many viewers have been insistent that they know exactly where it is."

Sailing ship 'Herzogin Cecilie'

Herzogin Cecilie was a German-built four-mast barque (windjammer), named after German Crown Princess Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1886–1954), spouse of Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia (1882–1951) Herzogin is German for Duchess. 

She sailed under German, French and Finnish flags. 

Painting by the Frisian (Netherlands) marine artist Peter J. Sterkenburg (1955-2000) more: >

1941 Cadillac Series 62

Monday, March 28, 2022

British Railways 2-6-4T

Class 4MT #80007
Built: 8 December 1952
Builder: Derby Works
Withdrawn:17 July 1966
Seen in Goathland Station (North Yorkshire Moors Railway)

maritime and railway activity at Foxton River port, NZ, circa 1900

It looks as if the ship is loading bags (or carcasses?) from an open wagon, several of which are being shunted in the rail yard by an R class Single Fairlie steam loco.  The caption must refer to port fees being taken by the central government. For more, see earlier posts and of course our books. 

Friday, March 25, 2022

1961 Triumph Italia 2000

3-car Light Rail Vehicle, Toronto, Canada

One of the Bombardier's Flexity family introduced from 2014 to 2019. The 30.2-metre-long cars can seat 70 passengers and accommodate 181 standees. Inside, the cars feature two spaces for bicycles.

Cargo bikes future

Cargo bikes—bicycles made to carry both goods and people—are becoming increasingly common as an alternative to automobiles in urban areas. With a wider and heavier body, cargo bikes often face problems even in the presence of cycling infrastructure, thus limiting their possibilities of route choice.

Thursday, March 24, 2022


In Western Pacific days (see earlier posts).  WP took 15 of the 481 produced between 1968 and 1977. 


HMS 'Endurance' (1967)

HMS Endurance was a Royal Navy ice patrol vessel that served from 1967 to 1991. She came to public notice when she was involved in the Falklands War of 1982. The final surrender of the war, in the South Sandwich Islands, took place aboard Endurance. The ship was withdrawn from service and scrapped in 1991.

Monday, March 21, 2022

cars and Pennsylvania-Reading trains in the 1930s, colorized


cars in Havana, Cuba

Most are pre-1959 American made models which Cuba has become famous for. Because of American trade sanctions, a lot of them have been maintained with Russian Lada engines and other parts.

In the background is El Capitolio which is similar in design to the American Capitol in Washington D.C. and actually very slightly larger, built 1926-1929.

NZR Staircase viaduct cigarette trading card

Probably 1920s; the green passenger cars suggests prior to 1928. For info on this viaduct, the tallest in the South Island, see the book On the Trans-Alpine Trail

1937 Alvis Speed 25

Saloon (Georg Peter Landsiedel)

Seen outside Svetlansky Palace in Baden-Württemberg,