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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Humber Tourer circa 1928

A Wills cigarette card.

1956 Rolls Royce

PLM poster for trains between St Petersburg, Russia, and Cannes, France, 1904

Via Warsaw and Vienna.

Lille car show poster, France, 1926

Chicago and North Western ten-wheeler N°1385

This was built in 1907 by ALCo, one of 325 of the R-1 Class that the C&NW acquired. Withdrawn in 1956, it was acquired by what is now the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in Wisconsin.  It hasn't been used since 1998 pending a major overhaul.  More info and pics here.

vessels in Queen Charlotte Sound, circa 1910

See the book Strait Crossing: the ferries of Cook Strait through time.

iron horse and a camel in the Flinders Range, South Australia, 1887

With the camel and its rider being smoked...

1955 De Soto

The crazy, beautiful and idiosyncratic bookstores of Los Angeles

The Last Bookstore
Slide show here

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

1979 Lincoln Continental

and electrifying cycles!

Wonder Cycles will let you do tightrope stunts on power wires, it seems.

Psycho Cycles, 1890s

Cycles for psychos or by psychos? Some info and pics of an actual one here

the marina at Santa Cruz, California

traffic in Athens, Greece, 1950s

It looks like an early 1950s Studebaker on the far left.

a Wehrmacht soldier browses a Paris bookstall, WW2

At a Paris bookstall, a German soldier browses books on sale during the German occupation. The Nazis encouraged cultural activities by Parisians and in 1943 the Propaganda-Staffel reported that more French authors and titles had been published that year than in 1940. Newsstands sold a daily paper and magazines in German.  See earlier posts.

'Peugeot at Deauville'

Provenance unknown. It looks like an early 1980s model.

'is that a transpress nz book down there?'

the Guinness World Record holder of the world's longest and heaviest train, Western Australia

Set in 2001, no claims for that having been surpassed seem to exist. The heading in the previous video in China is a miscalculation.

20,400 ton electric coal train in China

1965 Chrysler Imperial

marine things at South Shields, England, 1930s

Go by the LNER to this seaside town on the south bank on the mouth of the Tyne in the north of England.  There is a North Shields on the north bank.

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1961 MG Midget

The first model year, produced to 1980. 'Midget' would somehow have been an appropriate name for all MG cars, see earlier post.

1955 Pontiac 2-door