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stacked flatbed truck trailers, Slovenia

Tokyo trams and cars, 1958

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1963 Pontiac Bonneville 2-door hardtop

1962 (Chrysler) Imperial Crown Convertible

1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie

1958 Jaguar XK150

1957 Studebaker brochure cover

1955 Dodge Kingsway and a 1948 Vauxhall J

1952 Mercury Monterey

Mile Long Bridge, Hampton River, New Hampshire

Actually it wasn't quite a mile long: this original wooden bridge measured 4,740 feet (1,440 metres) in length and was 30 feet (9.1 m) in width. It was supported by 3,865 wooden piles driven deep into the bottom of the river.

"As the end of the era of trolley cars rolled in, automobiles took over and the wooden bridge was not effective anymore. Lovell sold the bridge to the Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway. By 1930, the structure began to show the strain of the years of shifting sands, ice floes and heavy traffic. New Hampshire was faced with making plans for a modernized structure to replace the wooden bridge. The current bridge opened in 1949." (wikipedia)

'I can't imagine wanting to read a good book on a smartphone'

tram in Norrköping, Sweden 1970s

This system has operated since 1904; standard gauge, presently it has an 18.7 km system length. "...along with the larger Gothenburg tram network, Norrköping is one of only two city-centre tramways in Sweden that survived the switch to right-hand traffic in 1967, which led to the replacement of most Swedish tramways with buses to reduce the cost of replacing their now-unusable fleets."


Those Israeli flags visible suggest an event was happening involving Israel.  With the number of Muslims that have since migrated to Sweden, you wonder how long they would last nowadays.

something is obviously missing from this DHL truck trailer

Moskvic 412

Spelt in English as 'Moskvitch', this was first produced in 1967, last in 2001.  Info

riding the NY subway in the 1970s

Graffiti outside and in first appeared in 1970 and got steadily worse during the next couple of decades. Cars are much improved nowadays.

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Estonian cargo ship 'Suurupi'

Built in 1968 at the Hungarian Angyalfold shipyard in Budapest as the Karl Krushteyn for the Soviet Estonian Shipping Co., 1153 grt. Renamed Suurupi of the Estonian Shipping Company in 1991. Sold in 1994, broken up in 2008 in China.

Length overall: 74.5 metres; width: 11.3 metres; draft: 4 metres; Engine: 8 cylinder Lang Eng Wks; Engine Output: 1000 bhp; Speed: 11.5 knots.

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Santa Fe freight train in the desert near Klondike, California, 1991

With a then relatively new GE Dash 8-40B on the point, a Bo-Bo type of which 151 were produced over 1988-1989.  Info

tram in King Street, Reading, England, early 20th century

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the Santa Fe's 'El Capitan' train on Cajon Pass, 1950s


EMD SW8 locomotive

One of 20 the Southern Pacific received, seen in 1958. Powered by an EMD 567B 8-cylinder engine, for a total of 800 hp (600 kW), a A total of 309 of this Bo-Bo type model were built for U.S. railroads and 65 for Canadian railroads over 1950-1954. Starting in October 1953 a number of SW8s were built with either the 567BC or 567C engine,

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car in Iceland, 1920s

What is it?

French 'Tortillard'

Tortillard is slang for "a slow-moving train that follows a winding route", probably from tortureux (torturous). but this one has the name 'Velay Express'!  'Cette ligne est l'un des deux vestiges de l'important réseau à voie métrique des CFD du Vivarais.'

This pic shows an autorail Billard from 1938 previously used on the CdF de Provence (see earlier posts) and withdrawn in 1969.

Cuban interurban railcar at Casa Blanca, 1979

The only electric railway in Cuba. This scene is on the outskirts of Havana and the line serves a place called Hershey named after the chocolate entrepreneur who obtained sugar from the area.  In an episode of Extreme Railways with Chris Tarrant he took a trip on this railway, a rather intrepid experience!

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Swissair DC 10 in 1972

Although the terrain looks more like the Grand Canyon.

U.S. Coastguard ship 212 'Hickory' in Homer, Alaska

Built in 2003, seen last June.  Info