Sunday, February 27, 2022

Canadian National 4-6-2

One of the Class K-3 of which 70 were built for the Grand Trunk Railway (GT) from 1910 through 1913. The class remained in passenger service until the final replacement of steam with diesel locomotives. Number 5588 was preserved in Windsor, Ontario; and being preserved at the Aspen Crossing Railway in Mossleigh, Alberta is CN #5080 built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1914 which spent most of its career in Manitoba. The one above was built in 1911 by Montreal Locomotive Works.

1978 'Freedom' Leyland Mini, NZ

It may not be one of those used in the 1980 movie Goodbye Pork Pie, but it is the same age and color.  This took part in the Freedom Convoy to Wellington to protest the NZ government's mandatory injections that allegedly prevent the spread of coronavirus.  It has been liberally covered with messages by supporters who say the vaccine doesn't do this, is an expensive waste of time and is highly suspect in maiming and killing people.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

a Matangi in Pukerua Bay, NZ

On its way from Waikanae to Wellington, a Matangi type 2-car electric multiple unit travels along the scenic 5 km section along Pukerua Bay, with the 1940-opened Centennial Highway a few metres below. (Geoff Churchman pic)

Friday, February 18, 2022

terminus of the NZR Fairlie Branch, February 1912

Fairlie was 56.9 km from the junction with the South Island Main Trunk at Washdyke and strictly wasn't the terminus as the line continued another 1.3 km to Eversley although it wasn't a place of significance and this part closed in 1934.

This scene shows a passenger train hauled by what looks like a J class 2-6-0 pulling up at the platform.

The line closed in 1968 although 2.5 km of it remains as a museum operation at Pleasant Point. 

the SS 'New York' arrives at its namesake city, 1914


Originally City of New York (New York from 1893) this was a British built passenger liner of the Inman Line that was designed to be the largest and fastest liner on the Atlantic. When she entered service in August 1888, she was the first twin screw express liner and while she did not achieve the westbound Blue Riband, she ultimately held the eastbound record from August 1892 to May 1893 at a speed of 20.11 knots.

The City of New York and her sister City of Paris are considered especially beautiful ships and throughout their careers were rivals to the White Star Teutonic and Majestic. In February 1893, the Inman Line was merged into the American Line and by act of Congress, the renamed New York was transferred to the US flag. Beginning in the mid-1890s, New York and Paris were paired with St Louis and St Paul to form one of the premier Atlantic services. New York continued with the American Line until 1920 and was broken for scrap in 1923. She served the US Navy as Harvard during the Spanish–American War and Plattsburg in World War I. She is also remembered for nearly colliding with the RMS Titanic as the latter ship began her doomed maiden voyage in 1912.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Monday, February 7, 2022

Kolkata tram, India

This is an iconic system (standard gauge 550 V DC) in India and probably elsewhere. 

Despite being seen as environmentally friendly, it has had issues with maintenance and cost, and some lines have been closed recently.  More info (pic from the India People Blog)

See also the earlier post and this website.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

trams and trolley buses in Yerevan

The capital city of Armenia (a Soviet state until 1991) first got electric trams in January 1933 which used the Russian broad gauge. The network route length total peaked at 41 km.  The system closed because of disrepair and financial losses on 21 January 2004.  The tracks were then dismantled.  Trolleybuses appeared in 1949.