Friday, September 29, 2017

Cathedral Mountain on the Canadian Pacific art

By A.Y. Jackson (1882-1974).  This is a well-known feature on the Kicking Horse Pass route.

Polish streamlined freight steam locomotive stamp, 1948

the 'Bay Express' in the Manawatu Gorge, 1990s

The regular passenger train from Napier to Wellington ceased in 2001.  The train may, however, be the only way of experiencing the gorge as recently, following yet another large slip closing the road, the government announced it is investigating alternative routes to this section of the State Highway.

1936 Renault ad

traffic in Devon Street, New Plymouth, 1920s

Including a couple of trams further in the distance.

Furness Cruise Ships art, 1950s

Featuring the Queen of Bermuda from 1933 -- info, pics and videos here -- and the Ocean Monarch, built by Vickers-Armstrong in 1950-51 -- info

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

and it only took a transpress nz book...

Fell locomotives descend the Rimutaka Incline, October 1955

Just before the closure of the old Incline route.  The locos were never turned and went up and down the incline facing the same way.

For lots more, see the book New Zealand 1950s Steam in Colour.

Renfe sleeping cars poster, Spain, 1974

The logo on the right looks rather like the now defunct SRA of NSW logo.

chasing the crims by plane, 1913

This was an early, twelve-minute silent movie, whose plot is simply described on Imdb as "Police pursue jewel thieves by motor-car and aeroplane.." The aircraft appears to be modeled after a Voisin, and this is one of the earliest British film posters to depict an airplane.

a tram trundles down Symonds Street, Auckland, in March 1921

Another Henry Winkelman photo. "Looking north west from Symonds Street showing the Supreme Court on the corner of Waterloo Quadrant (left) and Anzac Avenue (right)."

1930 Ford schoolbus in NZ

From the New Zealand Motor Journal of 25 November 1930; presumably it was included because it was new. The roll-up canvas for the rear windows indicates they weren't glazed. The standard NZED schoolbus livery in later years was red (lower) and cream (upper) so that may have been the case here.

formation of freight handlers at Utica on the New York Central, 1949

"This picture from August 1949 published by the US Chamber of Commerce shows the Pacemaker freight cars built for high speeds at the Utica freight yards where all electric machinery was introduced for speedy handling of the freight service for the New York Central."

From the Railfans Of The Pennsylvania And New York Central Railroads Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Swedish Aerotransport company poster, 1930

A.B. Aerotransport (ABA) was Sweden's first airline company, founded in 1924, and one of the aviation companies which eventually merged to form Scandinavian Airlines Systems (see earlier posts).

Deutsche Reichsbahn poster, Germany, 1930s

"Always faster" -- it seems to depict the Fliegende Hamburger (see earlier posts).

United Air Lines 'Mainliner' poster circa 1950

Depicting a Douglas DC-6B?

Monday, September 25, 2017

a Prussian P8 ten wheeler at Horb am Neckar, Germany, 1968

Crossing the rail bridge over the Neckar River.  In DB service this prolific series was denoted class 38.  The second car behind the boxcar may be for parcels. See earlier posts.

Dutch passenger rail travel poster, 1939

"Venture out with a weekend round trip ticket from Saturday till Monday"

Hummer H2

"The Hummer H2 is arguably the car most responsible for causing General Motors’ most recent bankruptcy and subsequent government bailout. For some reason, GM executives believed what the American car market needed most was a $65,000 four-seater SUV with a fuel efficiency of a wallet-draining ten miles per gallon. As gas prices soared in the mid-2000s, people quit buying the gas guzzling Hummer H2s and its bigger brother the Hummer, and GM stock values plummeted."


Saturday, September 23, 2017

'Imaginary Habour' art

By Edward Wadsworth, A.R.A. (English, 1889-1949).  More

the first Cook Strait roll-on, roll-off ferry 'Aramoana'

As those who have our books know, this ferry from 1962 caused a revolution in inter-island freight transport.

This postcard is from the 1970s, obvious from the 'lazy z' NZR logo which appeared in the early part of that decade.  There is also another visual clue which those who have our books know.

For lots more, see the book Strait Crossing: the ferries of Cook Strait through time by Vic Young and the forthcoming book All at Sea by Emmanuel Makarios.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pahiatua Railcar Society win award for restoration of Wairarapa railcar RM5


Chicago and North Western Line railroad poster, 1939

'reading a book is much better than silly messages on a smartphone'

Dutch railways poster, 1938

"With the regularity of clockwork."

unorthodox load restraint

In the Philippines?

50 years of the 'Rheingold' medallion

This train, named after a Wagner opera, began in 1928, so presumably this item dates from 1978.  As is shown it ran between Geneva and Amsterdam, including most of the Rhine.  Info

Israel's Netanyahu and Egypt's Al-Sisi meet in New York

The meeting, on the sidelines of the UN, lasted for 90 minutes and was the first time they have met publicly although they met in secret twice last year. Al Sisi wants a solution to the decades old Palestinian issue and general Arab recognition of Israel.  Story

Monday, September 18, 2017

'a big book is much better than a little smartphone'

Mexican 3 ft gauge 2-8-0

A class G-033 built by Baldwin in 1921, seen in 1963, location not given. Info

1965 Holden HD ad

This model was made over 1965-1966.  The pic is taken at Milsons Point in Sydney. Info

on the 'Monowai' in the Tasman Sea, circa 1960

This was a ship of the (NZ-owned) Union Steam Ship Company, whose trans-Tasman passenger services, like those of the Australian-owned Huddart Parker Line, succumbed to competition from the airlines in the early 1960s.

For lots more, see our maritime books, in particular the forthcoming All at Sea.