Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reading Railroad Alco RS-3's, 1950s

Two in front of this passenger train at an unspecified location.  Nice :-)

home entertainment system for the revhead

pony parking place, Holland

trolley bus in Cleveland, Ohio, 1936

"One of the more notable trolley coach operations was in Cleveland which started running the electric coaches in 1936 and ended operations in 1963. During this period it was a trolley coach fan's dream with Brills, Pullmans, St Louis' and Marmons running on frequent headway and the chance to see the only pre-war Twin Coach articulated trolley coach that was ever built.

"The first route instituted in Cleveland was the Hough line. It was the replacement for the 4.6 mile rail line. This trolley coach route started operation on March 1, 1936 under the Cleveland Railway Company (CRC). The line was to hold a special place in history as it was the first trolley coach line to actually enter a downtown area of a city with a million plus metropolitan population. This line required 20 cars to hold service and these were manufactured by Pullman and bore the fleet numbers of 900-919. An additional 8 cars were purchased in 1937 from Pullman (920-927) to handle the increased ridership on the line."

1954 Bedford CAV delivery van

1948 International truck advertisement

for some light relief: Germany tries cartoons to fight Muslim migrant rape epidemic

As if cartoons would make any difference to these subhumans... A video made in Canada for where the recently elected PM Trudeau wants to import another 250,000 of these Untermenschen.  How does that make you feel, Canadians?

1937 Bedford WTL truck poster

For British colonies in Africa by the look of it.

Czechoslovak locomotive stamps, 1966

Steamers from 1841, 1865 and 1946; a diesel (T669) and an electric (E699) from 1964.

General Motors poster, Denmark, 1933

"Over the whole country - Transport Overview - from 21 August to 11 October"

Finland is set to deport 20,000 of the 32,000 Muslim migrants from last year

Helsinki (AFP) – Finland expects to expel around 20,000 of the 32,000 asylum seekers it received in 2015, the country’s interior ministry said on Thursday.

“In principle we speak of about two-thirds, meaning approximately 65 percent of the 32,000 will get a negative decision (to their asylum application),” Paivi Nerg, the ministry’s administrative director told AFP.

"Choose your weapon" -- if Germany wants to avoid big civil unrest because of the primitive and violent Muslim invaders, it needs to do the same as Finland.  Article here

cars in Travis Street, Sherman, Texas, late 1950s

Looking north.  That first car on the left looks like an English Ford Zephyr.

a man cycles along a road with two goats on his back, Ethiopia

A delivery for a nearby harem, maybe...

Friday, January 29, 2016

1980 Toyota Celica ad

production of the DeLorean car to resume after 34 years

After more than 30 years, the DeLorean Motor Company will resume production of the iconic 1982 model DeLorean, made famous by the "Back to the Future" film trilogy.

This marks the first time that the car will be manufactured in America,

The car company was previously prohibited from producing the famed model because the futuristic designs belonged to John DeLorean's estate and not the auto business, which went bankrupt in 1982.

1920 Fiat

No other details, but the background looks European.

de Havilland DH.114 Heron, Hawaii

As those who have the book The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and affiliates since 1940 know, the first deliveries of this model, first flown in 1950, were to NAC.  A total of 150 were built; NAC disposed of its ones in 1957.

for some light relief: Israeli vulture detained in Lebanon on suspicion of being a spy

from the CNN website

A vulture that flew into Lebanon from an Israeli nature reserve has been captured on suspicion of spying, according to local media reports.

Gamla Nature Reserve tracked the bird to near the southern Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil, which is just a few kilometers over the border from Israel -- then reports began trickling in that the bird was being held by locals who suspected it because it had Israeli tags and devices.

A series of pictures also surfaced: one of a vulture with Israeli tags and a rope tied around its leg; another of a transmitter on the same bird's back; and another of two men displaying the bird's massive wingspan.

The vulture was released in the same place it was caught after it was "certain that it was not carrying any hostile [spying] equipment," according to local Arabic news site Since then, the Israeli parks authority has not been able to track where the vulture went and is worried about its health.

Given the enthusiasm that Muslims have for decapitation, one suspects that was more likely the vulture's fate, particularly if it had Israeli tags.

cars outside the Humbolt University, Unter den Linden, East Berlin, 1980s

What is the car second from right?

1972 Dodge Monaco

1980 diesel powered Cadillacs

the Muslim issue could be trumps for Trump

Initially the Republican contender poll ratings for US President last year were about who was the most popular personality, which had Donald Trump in the lead.  Then Ben Carson stole the limelight by saying that a Muslim would not make a suitable US President, and gained more by comparing Muslim migrants in Europe to rabid dogs.  This closed the gap with Trump in the polls, briefly.

However, Trump regained the lead by proposing a complete ban on Muslim migrants in December following the Muslim terrorist shootings in Paris and San Bernardino - and numerous foiled Muslim plots since - and has maintained it.

Our feeling is that the policies of presently second placed and 'tea party' member Ted Cruz are simply too conservative to make him electable, while Trump's stances are quite populist; most importantly, dislike of Muslims in the US is very high and growing.  With the US economy now in reasonable shape compared to 7 years ago, issues like this will dominate the campaign.

In the Democrat camp, Bernie Sanders is the counterpart to Cruz: simply too extreme to be electable.

The big question is, who out of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would win the top job?

Update -- Trump sticks it to Fox News
Trump made good on his promise and boycotted the Republican Presidential contenders debate. This isn't a surprise being that the real problem is that Fox News is controlled by Rupert Murdoch who is known for his open borders, unrestricted immigration viewpoint -- quite opposed to Trump's stance.

the Fox News reporter who Trump had a falling out with, Megyn Kelly, second from left, with her boss, Rupert Murdoch next to her.

West German 012 class

An 012 class, 4-6-2 'Pacific' type, is seen in May 1975 with a local train at Leer in Ostfriesland over the Emsland line in the direction of Rheine.  The passenger cars are Silberlinge but the luggage van behind the tender is in the cream and dark teal livery then making its appearance on the DB.

This three-cylinder loco was built in 1940, weight 110 tonnes and top speed 140 km/h.  The year 1975 was their last in service.  (scanned from an old calendar, original credited to Udo Paulitz)


in New York a Muslim Uber driver refuses a pregnant passenger because of service dog, then beats the dog


It's well-known that Muslims don't like dogs; a picture below taken in London a year or so back confirms that. Perhaps that's because dogs are more intelligent and civilized than they are?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1939 Plymouth promo postcard

Shouldn't the woman in the foreground be bigger?  It gives the impression of a huge car.

1939 Nash ads

With a Weather Eye conditioning system and Breathing Back seats...  See earlier post.

1980 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

1926 Houdaille Shock Absorber brochure

1957 Nash promo

Union Line poster, NZ, late 1930s

For lots of info, see our books.

1926 Sunbeam Super Sport

for some light relief - 'allahu akbar' satire compilation

innovative metro station design, Portugal

Olaias station on the Lisbon Metro’s Red Line, the city's most recently built, opened in 1998.


Maserati 250F racing car art

The full caption reads "Fangio in the Maserati 250F speeding through the tunnel with Tony Brooks in the Vanwall in hot pursuit". Artist not stated.

1954 Terrot scooter, 125 cc, France

traffic in Luzern, Switzerland, 1960s

Dayton wheels for trolleybuses, 1950

1951 Bentley Mark VI

WW1 recruitment poster a century ago

Produced in London, but also used in A/NZ

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

tram at Wynyard station, Sydney, circa 1957

Platforms 1 and 2 at Wynyard Station were for trams from the opening of the station (and the Harbour Bridge) in 1932 until the trams ceased running here in 1958.  The platforms were then walled off from the rest of the station and the space was used for underground car parks.  A pic of the former tram tunnel is here

1979 Chevrolet Camaro Berlinetta Coupe

Breda EB-750 Electric Commuter Train, Italy, 1979