Monday, June 30, 2014

steam locomotive on the Magellan Gallery, Ceylon, 1875

Obviously this was cut into a solid rock face.  No other info to hand.

'these transpress nz books are great'


Thanks to Les for sending in this pic which we had to crop on the right as we need to be mindful that some folks visit this blog at work, so we can't have pics of girls blatantly displaying their parts or playing with themselves.  We don't see a problem with nudes as long as legs are reasonably close together :-)  At some stage we'll put all the rejects on a dedicated page.

1966 Buick Electra 225 4-door hardtop

Brooklyn, Wellington, tram crash, 1907

It's not hard to guess what happened, 3 May 1907.  For more, see our books on Wellington.

1927 Wanderer W10/ IV delivery van

The engine was 1.5 litres, four-cylinder inline, 30 hp. A comprehensive history of Wanderer is here

sports car appliance delivery

When you want it quick and you don't have a suitable vehicle...

train time at Lima-Limedsforsens, Sweden, early 20th century

Out in a sparsely populated rural area not far from the Norwegian border. The first pic is from this webpage where there are more.

Lollandsbanen train parcel stamps, Denmark, 1950s

See earlier post.

Bengal presidential transport, India, 1875

At least according to the caption for this graphic in The Illustrated London News.

1958 Studebaker Transtar trucks brochure cover

1970 Daimler Limousine


Turners Car Auctions have listed this as a charity auction; according to their website:

"A piece of iconic Canterbury history, owned originally by the British High Commission and sold to the Christchurch City Council in 1975.

"First produced in 1968, the DS420 Limousine model has been used extensively as an official state car all over the world. Based on the Jaguar 420G, with a lengthened wheel base and powered by Jaguar’s famous 4.2 litre engine, this particular car represents an early example built in Jaguar’s Vanden Plas works.

"Described by former Mayor Bob Parker as a “wonderful old thing”, he also said, “It has a nice history and it is part of the city.” Last used by former Mayor Vicki Buck, it is famous for breaking down on her on at least two occasions."  Yes, a true British car :-)

'Crazy Frog' biker sculpture

Or grenouille folle as it would be in French. Seen in Lyon, France.

'you can read my book when I'm finished'

drive safely stamps, NZ, 1940s

These days the lack of passenger seat belts would be a no-no.

the Crossley Motors factory, Stockport, England, 1949

The Errwood Park Works, 23 June 1949. From the Britain from Above website

1976 Plymouth Gran Fury

motocross definition

1961 Ford Thames Trader low frame

Graphic on a brochure for Australia, here shown as a milk truck.

vehicles on the Quai des Belges, Marseille, France, 1920s

1940 Buick

1941 Chrysler

Sunday, June 29, 2014

1901 Hurtu

Described as a 4½ hp Rear-Entrance Tonneau which was sold at auction recently by Bonhams for £54,300 ($US 92,300) including premium.

Indonesia steam train stamp bands

Rather neat...

1937 Buick 8 grille

Eastern Air Lines DC-2 at Macon, Georgia, airport, late 1930s

Eastern Air Lines acquired 14 of these 14-seat twin engine (2 × Wright GR-1820-F53 Cyclone 9-cylinder radial engines, 730 hp [540 kW] each) airplanes of which 198 were produced between 1934 and 1939.

The railway in the discovery of Canada

The cover of the French edition of this book from a few years ago.

Macon, Georgia, streetcars, 1900s


Electric streetcars here began on 25 December 1889 on 8 miles (13 km) of track with 8 motor cars employing the Thomson-Houston system and lasted to 1938, replaced by buses.  A history of them is on this webpage

'I like to read a book in the tranquillity of a park'

River Rail Trolley, Little Rock, Arkansas


The River Rail Trolley began in 2004 and was expanded in 2007. It links the downtown areas of North Little Rock and Little Rock with 3.5 miles (5.8 km) of track and the three replica Birney style vintage streetcars built by Gomaco are painted yellow. Attractions along the route include Verizon Arena, the Argenta Historic District, Little Rock's River Market District, the Historic Arkansas Museum and the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.


-North: Begins at 7th and Main Streets in North Little Rock, travels to Maple, to Broadway and continues on the South Route. Average loop time: 35 minutes

-South: Begins at the River Market, travels to Commerce, to 2nd Street, to Spring, to Markham, to Clinton Avenue and back to the River Market. Average loop time: 15 minutes. -

More here

West German post vehicles stamp, 1987

In the days of the Kaiserliche Post which ended with the end of WW1.  Tricycle delivery carts can still be seen in Germany.

Permis de conduire, Québec, Canada

Is this girl extra-pleased that she passed her driving test or is it an invitation to boys?

Hurtu cars and cycles posters, France, 1910s

Two variations on the same scene, which may or may not have been done at the same time.  The couple out driving in the second poster look to be dressed for the Antarctic. Hurtu made cars from 1896 to 1930.

NAC Boeing 737 in the original livery, 1968


For lots more, see the Paul Sheehan book The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and affiliates since 1940

Dunlop advert relating to the 1956 Le Mans 24 hours

"Dunlop triumph for the 17th time in the 24 heures of Le Mans"

Saturday, June 28, 2014

to the Dauphiné by the PLM poster, 1930s


An open air bus is just visible on the road.  It may look like the Matterhorn in the distance but it's supposed to be Le Pic de Chamechaude.


It's hard to think of a better term... from a viral e-mail

tram in the Cashmere Hills, Christchurch, circa 1910

For more, see earlier posts and our books.

1939 Buick advance promo

'this transpress nz book has been nicely produced'

panorama of vessels at the Auckland waterfront, 1900s

For more, see our books.

duct tape repairs for a German ICE train

from a viral e-mail

car ferry in Bateman's Bay, NSW, circa 1930

Maybe what is now the Princes Highway bridge over the Clyde River, linking the two parts of the town.

New Haven Railroad electric poster, 1940s

Depicting a General Electric EP-4, a class of 6 units from 1938; they had a 2-C-C-2 axle arrangement, a 3600 hp output (continuous rating) and were wired for the New Haven's 11 kV 25 Hz AC system.

1954 Australian motor racing manual cover