Tuesday, November 7, 2023

GE electric steeplecab loco from 1922 of the YVT, Washington state

 from Wikipedia

The Yakima Valley Transportation Company (YVT Co.) was an interurban electric railroad headquartered in Yakima, Washington. It was operator of the city's streetcar system from 1907–1947, and it also provided the local bus service from the 1920s until 1957.

The YVT railroad, however, continued operating for many more years, as a freight-only operation feeding the Union Pacific main line. In the 1970s, the city reached agreement with YVT/UP to allow a then-proposed heritage streetcar operation to use the tracks and overhead trolley wires of the railroad. This began operation in 1974, with volunteers from a new non-profit organization named Yakima Valley Interurban Lines (replaced in 2001 by Yakima Valley Trolleys), and continues to the present day (as of 2010), on a reduced scale.

Due to declining revenue, Union Pacific filed for abandonment of the YVT on April 26, 1984, and this was approved by the Interstate Commerce Commission on June 5, 1985. Operation ceased on November 18, 1985.

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