Monday, October 31, 2016

buses outside Novosibirsk railway station, Russia, 1981

In fact only buses and no cars visible. The station dates from 1894 and has 8 platforms (7 island type).

Soviet stamp from 1958 with a TE-3 class diesel-electric

This was an articulated Co’Co’+ Co’Co’ type. Engines were 2x Kharkov 2D100, 2 stroke 10 cylinder. Total prime mover power was 2,940 kW (3,940 hp). A total 6808 pairs were built from 1953 to 1973.

Antonov Airlines (Antonov Design Bureau) Antonov An-225 'Mriya'

This cargo aircraft, powered by six turbofan engines and the longest and heaviest airplane ever built with a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes (710 short tons), dates from 1988 and was a one-off. It is still in use. Article

Bulgarian locomotive stamps, 1988

The build date of each is given on the sides.  The 2-12-4 tank loco from 1943 looks impressive.

Soviet tram stamp, Ossetia region, 1960

ship TrSS 'St Patrick' of the Great Western Railway

The date of construction is given in the poster. This was built by John Brown and Company of Clydebank as one of a trio of new ships for the GWR which included TrSS (triple screw steamship) St George and TrSS St David and used between Fishguard and Rosslare.

From 1914 to 1919 she was requisitioned by the British Government as a WW1 hospital ship. She was re-engined in 1926. On 20 August 1927 she was in collision with her sister ship TrSS St David in Fishguard harbour. She caught fire on 7 April 1929, attributed to an electrical fault, following which she was scrapped.

350 ft (106.68 metres) long, 41 ft (12.5 metres) wide
2,531 grt
Powered by 3 direct-drive turbines at 9500 shp 3 screw
Speed of 20 knots

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nohab at Roskilde, Denmark, 1978

With a train from Copenhagen to Næstved. This was one of the batch of 15 of the MY class to be delivered with 1,950-hp EMD 567D1 engines. See earlier posts.

'those who only read smartphones all day don't know they're missing'

1963 Ford Fairlane Sports Coupe

tram in Dee Street, Invercargill, 1910s

See earlier posts and, of course, our books.

Ansett Australia jumbo jet

A year later, Ansett Australia, then owned by Air NZ, went belly up.  Air NZ itself needed a government cash injection with a big share purchase.

'here's Johnny!'

NZR tourist tickets poster, interwar period

A choice of South Island Lines for 4 weeks, North Island lines for 4 weeks or both for 7 weeks.

For lots more, see the book New Zealand Railway memorabilia.

1969 Ford Torino GT

Saturday, October 29, 2016

buses in Wanganui, 1950s

A 1950 Ford V8 

The Greyhound logo can be seen on the sides.

1969 Ford Torino Formal 2-Door Hardtop

1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring

1955 Packard Clipper ad

'give me a good book over a smartphone any day'

a bus trip down the river

tram seat installation fail

1971 Plymouth Dart

1963 AEC Reliance bus

McLeans 'Roylen' cruiser, McKay, Queensland, 1960s

An ex-Fairmile motor launch of WW2?

a Halloween horror mask, Germany

Friday, October 28, 2016

a runaway tram in Sydney Harbour, 1952

On the morning of 20 July 1952, the wheels of a Mosman tram locked. Despite the best efforts of the driver, the tram skidded more than 1.5 km downhill – at an estimated speed of over 70 km/h – until it crashed through the blocks at the end of the rails, tore up almost 10 metres of road, and shot off the embankment, hurtling 18 metres through the air, onto rocks, and then into the harbour. The driver and conductor both suffered head injuries when they abandoned the tram during its descent. The two passengers left on board were also injured.


This presumably is where the tram crashed at the end of Athol Wharf Road:

Wellington City diesel bus stops in Lambton Quay, 1978

For details and lots more, see the book Wellington Transport Memories.

Qantas begins Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner services

An exploration presentation is here

1956 Seddon Mark 6 half-cab bus

As used by North Shore Transport in Auckland.  For more, see earlier posts and our books.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

West German class ET56 (456)

One of the seven Bo-2+2-2+2-Bo type three-car electric railcar sets from 1952 seen at Osterburken in 1984. These were 80 metres long over buffers and had a service weight of 116 tonnes. Power output was 1020 kW (1378 hp) at the one hour rating, top speed was 90 km/h (after 1970 increased to 110 km/h) and sitting places totaled 262. All were withdrawn by 1986 and none were preserved.

'I wish I had a transpress nz book'

the 'Devon' on the rocks at Pencarrow, Wellington Harbour entrance, August 1913

Article with info

Christchurch tram in winter snow, 1918

There is an ad mentioning Douglas Fairbanks on the left front but the movie title isn't visible.

Alcos at Alray, Cajon Pass, 1967

A pair of PAs, perhaps with the Santa Fe's Super Chief?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

a steam train crosses the Waimakariri River, Canterbury, 1900s

But not the bridge that most rail enthusiasts associate with the river on the Midland Line.  This bridge crossed the river across a small gorge between the settlements of Oxford and Sheffield on the Canterbury Plains not far from the foothills of the alps.  It was a linking line that never saw a lot of traffic and was closed in 1930; the bridge was turned into a road bridge and still exists as such.

For lots more, see the book On the TransAlpine Trail.

a Cotton Belt tunnel motor and a lone Santa Fe SD40-2, 1980s

At Woodford on the Tehachapi route looking south an SP freight train with an SD45T-2 on the point meets a Santa Fe unit by itself on a siding.

a Fiat railcar on its way to Auckland at Frankton, late 1950s

Possibly from New Plymouth. See earlier posts and of course our books on NZ railways for lots more. (NZR pic)

Michael Moore endorses Donald Trump

After watching the whole program, which was recorded at a hall in Ohio, it's clear that Moore is explaining Trump's appeal to the working class, but also that he's very concerned about Trump would be like as President. His overall message in the program was to the effect of "OK, Hillary has a lot of Wall Street money behind her, but is she really that bad?"

driverless truck makes a beer delivery in Colorado

Full article and video

A self-driving truck built by Uber's unit Otto made a pioneering delivery of beer in Colorado last week, Otto announced on Tuesday.

The 18-wheel semi-trailer loaded with Budweiser made the 120 mile (200 km) trip from Fort Collins through the center of crowded Denver to Colorado Springs using only cameras, radar and sensors to read the road.

The truck carried a professional driver, but he simply monitored the progress from the truck's sleeper berth behind the driver's seat.

1949 Mercury

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

'I can't understand those who have no books'

tram on Shakespeare Road, Napier, 1920s

Beginning its climb over the Napier Bluff to Port Ahuriri.  Trams ended in Napier with the earthquake of 3 February 1931.  For more, see earlier posts and our books.

1960 De Soto Diplomat station wagon

This was the second to last model year for the DeSoto marque; see the earlier post.

Sabena poster, 1923

One notes in the bottom right corner 'subventionné par le gouvernement' or Government subsidized.

a Dg with fruit for Auckland, 1965

Seen at Spring Creek north of Blenheim. For lots more, see our books.

A $5.6 million Chinese amusement theme park in Egyptian desert

How bizarre... "The theme park is quartered under different themes; the first we should tell you about is Dinosaur Park, because it's the first of its kind in all of Egypt. This is for the tiny Ross Gellers who get excited at the mere thought of prehistoric creatures. The second is Water World, which we're assuming will be thronged with moms, dads, and kids come summer season. Now, our favourite is Candy World, because, well, you can imagine why. Automative World is the fourth plot, where you'll find Go Karts, classic bumper cars, and laser cars. Plus they have one ride that takes you around the five [seven?] continents."

SP and Shasta

A Southern Pacific 5-unit lash-up with a southbound freight train by the Sacramento River, with an SD45 on the point, 1973.