Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Israel bus and train medallion, 1965

Issued at the time of the International Transportation Congress.  The train is probably based on one of the Esslingen built 3-car sets from 1956, see earlier.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pacific Electric in Downtown L.A., 1953

A car at 6th & Main arriving on the elevated track from San Pedro. (Alan Weeks/Metro Archive)

FDC's for the Valley Railway, Israel, 2018

Issued 3 weeks ago.  What the occasion was, we know not, but a 2016 article on the standard gauging and revival of the one time 1050 mm gauge line is here

1948 Renault Panorama bus

The reason for 'panorama' is obvious, although it was clearly only intended for small groups. (via

NSB 4-6-0

One of the 45-member Class 30.


Portuguese 2-8-2T

Seen in 1973, this was built in 1924 by Henschel & Sohn; now in the Museo Ferroviario de Macinhata do Vouga museum.

'Corvette Summer' movie poster (1978)

This starred Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, Annie Potts as a trainee teenage prostitute in Las Vegas and a pimped up Chevrolet Corvette...

train by the Molet dam, Cordoba region Argentina, 1950s

Now the Museo Usina Molet.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

an ice car, literally, Russia


Volchansk, the smallest Russian town to have a tram

It has been in operation since 31 December 1951. The system consists of one line which is 7.6 km long (some of it with an interurban character) in the 5ft Russian gauge and has 5 tramcars.  There are 13 stops. The town's population is about 10,400.

Volchansk tram from victorprofessor on Vimeo.

1928 Peerless sedan and La Salle coupe

1949 Plymouth Woody Station Wagon

More pics

tram on Mt Eden Road, Auckland, 1910s

With Mt Eden in the background. This location was a popular one for postcard producers, see earlier posts and of course, our books.

FS 636 at Brenner with a Süd-Tirol train

Close to the Italian border with Austria, see earlier posts.  Info on the loco

'a real book is so much better than a smartphone'

'Ka Country'

Many readers will recognise this Ian Lewis painting as it was on the cover of the first edition of The Railways of New Zealand: a journey through history from 1990, one of our most popular books.

It depicts 4-8-4 type Ka 933 with a passenger express on the North Island Main Trunk in the golden years of NZR.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

'I like reading books, not iPhones'

Salvador Dali poster for the SNCF Roussillon region, 1969

See the post on La Gare de Perpignan.

electrically hauled phosphate train, Morocco

On the line Casablanca to Khourigba. The loco looks like a E700 series which was an export version of the SNCF BB 8100, of which 14 were built in France by Alsthom in 1951 with a power output of 1,220 kW and a top speed of 110 km/h.

Austrian crocodile

The ÖBB class 1020 was the local designation of the German E94 class, a Co-Co type. After WW2, 44 of them were on Austrian territory and in 1952-1954 the ÖBB created a further 3 from parts for unfinished examples.

From 1967 to 1980, except for the latter 3, they were modernized and received, among other things, two rubber-fixed front windows (originally there were three narrow ones), permanent headlamp tail lamps on the end-bodies and jet fan grilles in them.

From 1970 they were also repainted in orange instead of fir green. In 1995, the last locomotives of this series were retired.

This one has a class 1110 behind it.

Friday, February 16, 2018

SNCF winter safety poster, 1985

"Snow, black ice, deep cold -- redouble vigilance"

'Wagons de chemin de fer à Arles', by Vincent van Gogh, 1888

Being nominated for the Oscar for Best Animated Film, we went to see Loving Vincent, which is a fully hand-painted look at the end of his life, using his art styles and based on several of his actual paintings, including this one.  Worth seeing for the original approach.

Rio Grande SD-50

Built in 1984, on the point of an auto-rack train at Kyune, Utah, in 1989. Next in the lash-up is a Cotton Belt B40-8.

Swiss Ae 3/6 with a local train on the Simplon route

No date -- 1960s?

traffic in Prins Hendrikkade, Amsterdam, circa 1963

A good variety of transport modes.