Tuesday, March 31, 2015

your transport trash is a resource

Recycling a wide variety of waste -- www.sevia.fr/tpp.html

Leeds station interior, England, 1890s

All the carriages seem to be of the isolated compartment type, with full length running boards and outwards opening swing doors.

the future Leaning Airport Tower of Wellington?

Airways New Zealand has lodged a resource consent application with the Wellington City Council to build a new 32-metre-high airport control tower, designed to "lean" into the prevailing northerly wind at an angle of 12.5 degrees.

The nine-storey Rongotai tower is proposed for an industrial area at the southern end of Tirangi Rd, on airport land near Lyall Bay. It would give Wellington Airport's 20 air traffic controllers 360-degree views from the lookout area on the top floor.

The tower is intended to change colour according to the wind direction -- blue for southerly and purple for northerly.

Architect Evzen Novak, of Studio Pacific Architecture, says plans involved solid base isolation foundation features, which would ensure the building was secure in an earthquake and a southerly wind.

The degree of lean would be considerably more than Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa, which today is about 4 degrees. Before 1990, when remedial work was done to correct its lean, it was at an angle of about 10 degrees.

1966 Chrysler 300

1956 Pontiac Star Chief

Monday, March 30, 2015

Amtrak at Yuba Gap, California, 1980

On the Donner Pass route; probably the California Zephyr (San Fransisco Zephyr as it was called until 1983).

1962 Austin Lodestar

1962 Federal NAPCO MASA 41M500 Bus

'one photo and then I'm back to my transpress nz book'

steam loco emerges from the Weinzettelwand tunnel on the Semmeringbahn, Austria, circa 1910

It seems there was left hand running on double track in those days. See earlier post on the Semmeringbahn.

'Sailing ship in heavy sea"

The extent of the info about this painting. It shows men climbing the rigging.

1960 Chevrolet El Camino

The second model year.

why you need a garage for your car in Canada

(from a viral e-mail)

Milan, Italy, transit 1840 - 1964

Issued at the time of the opening of the first Metro line in 1964. See earlier posts.

Coramba to Coffs Harbour bus, Australia, 1940s

The intriguing thing are those covers over the wheel wells.

1954(?) Hillman deluxe Utility cinema slide, Australia

Sunday, March 29, 2015

greetings from Hoffmann's starch factory, Amsterdam, 1899

Was this on the tourist trail? Anyway, the factory's steam-hauled freight train would have been worth seeing.

1948 Mercury

1925 Renault type NN

The type NN (4 cylinder, 950 cc) was produced from 1924 to 1927. More

smoke and steam galore on the New York Central, 1937

With the notable bullet nose locomotive streamlining.  An expression of prosperity at the time, but today even some Republicans would have disquiet about the amount of factory pollution depicted...

to Morocco with Air Atlas, circa 1951

Air Atlas was created on 9 October 1946 by the Résident général de France au Maroc (Resident General of France in Morocco). It began by operating two lines in November 1946 with ten 14-passenger Junkers Ju52's and five small 8-passenger Nord NC-702 Martinets. Following financial difficulties, Air France helped out and took a share of the capital. In 1951 this airline served travelers to France, as well as Morocco's interior lines, namely Casablanca-Marrakech-Agadir / Casablanca-Rabat-Oujda-Meknes / Rabat-Casablanca-Tangier. The acquisition of six Douglas DC-3's with 23 seats began in 1948. Three (some sources say two) Bloch (SE).161 Languedoc quadrimotors rented from Air France in 1952 rounded out the fleet.

In 1953 Air Atlas merged with Air Maroc and formed the Compagnie Chérifienne de Transports Aériens or CCTA. In 1957, the CCTA became Royal Air Maroc; the Morcoccan state held 55% of the capital, Air France 30%, Société Air Transport 10% and Aviaco (Spain) 5%.

'I like discovering what's in books'

DB V200 diesel-hydraulic with a passenger train at Hirzenach on the Rhine, West Germany, 1960

What looks like a raised third rail is probably a cable for signalling.

Red Star Line poster, circa 1923

Featuring the Belgenland, info here

1925 Renault draisine on the forestry railway near Abreschviller, Alsace, France

See earlier post.

Prague tram in tunnel scene, circa 1960s

The star above the cab indicates communist times.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

boats on the Aegean Sea, Greece, 5th century art

Northland voters tell Steven Joyce what they think of his anti-rail stance

During the by-election campaign, the Minister of Motorway Development, Steven Joyce, made a big mistake by cynically promising voters in the constituency, hitherto long held by his party, that millions more taxpayer dollars will be spent on strengthened road bridges in the region so they can carry even bigger trucks.

He clearly didn't appreciate that a great many people are tired of driving on heavily rutted and damaged roads caused by big trucks carrying freight, particularly logs, that could and should be going by rail instead.

Winston Peters, who has won the seat by a big margin, wants instead the region's railways restored.

New York Central 4-6-4 with a passenger train at Englewood, Illinois, late 1940s

The South Side of Chicago. The locomotive is 5433, a J3a; info here

1979 DAF SB2000 bus

The Dutch flag colors are obvious (their national color is orange, though).  What is that sculpture supposed to be - a frog?

trucks in the ditch on both sides

It should be called Steven Joyce Alley :-).  From a viral e-mail.

memories of the 'Dominion Monarch'

This was a souvenir magazine from onboard the QSMV Dominion Monarch from 17 December 1945 to 23 January 1946 which contains stories, poems and cartoons of soldiers' experiences during WW2. A roll of passengers is at the back of it.

For more, see our books.

flowery bicycle

A pic from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. (www.heraldsun.com.au)

Friday, March 27, 2015

1968 Ford Torino GT

1960 Pontiac Bonneville art

'would you like to come up and read a book with me?'

Motorboats Grand Prix poster, Geneva, Switzerland, 1948

river barge school poster, France, 2012

Discover river transport occupations.

Mons station, Belgium, circa 1980

This one was built in the early 1950s to replace one built in 1874 and destroyed at the end of WW2.

A couple of years ago replacement of this by a new station began, scheduled for opening in 2018.

1934 Ford Bus

Seen in Deventer, Netherlands.

Grand Prix in Lima, Peru, poster, 1959

1947 Lea Francis 12HP and 14HP

1960 Chrysler Imperial Crown 4-Door Southampton

Thursday, March 26, 2015

1982 Arnhem trolleybus, Netherlands

NS Mat'34 diesel multiple units

Photos of what is said to be the original livery show bands of red above the cab windows (where the three lights are) and at the bottom above the (Scharfenberg) coupler area and the rest silver, rather than what is shown here. It's likely the artist had only seen a b/w photo.

A total 40 sets were built and had a 2 '(A1A) (A1A)' 2 ' axle arrangement. All were withdrawn by 1964. At least one is preserved, in the Dutch Railway Museum in Utrecht.

This one happened to be in Rotterdam on 14 May 1940, the day Hitler's Luftwaffe destroyed the city by bombing.