Sunday, July 31, 2016

1952 Le Mans 24 heures poster

1952 IFA Phänomen bus, DDR

NSW travel by train advert, 1959

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Ka 935 with an express from Auckland just north of Porirua, May 1965

With the electrification of the NIMT as far as Paekakariki in 1940, the Ka class were rarely seen south of there, however, on this day the power was off and rail enthusiasts made the most of the opportunity for photos.  The low light indicates this was the overnight express. (Chris Bradley pic)

1961 Pontiac Bonneville ad

"Now get the camera ready for the next train photo location."

1933 Plymouth PC coupe

"Can I come with you on the heist?'
"No son, you're going to school."

'would you know where a transpress nz book might be?'

1933 Plymouth Six

1973 Pontiac LeMans

1951 Southdown bus tours of Europe poster

1942 Dodge D22 coupe

Pic taken in Pukerua Bay with Kapiti Island in the distance.

more redneck lumber transport

Any comment needed?

Saturday, July 30, 2016

1947 Simca advert

Corsican militant group threatens revenge on the 'allahu akbarists' if they terrorise the island

This should provide the local Muslims a strong incentive to report their jihadists to authorities instead of saying nothing as they normally do. Although Muslims automatically deny prior knowledge of Islamists' attack plans after they happen, the investigations that follow invariably reveal they well knew about them.

A militant splinter group on the French island of Corsica has warned Islamic State (IS, a.k.a. ISIS/ISIL) that they will fight back if the terrorist group carries out an attack there, while urging Corsican Muslims to unite.

The FLNC October 22 group, a splinter from the main National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC) separatist organization, said in statement sent to Corse Matin [Corsica Morning], a local newspaper, that any terrorist acts carried out on Corsican soil would prompt “a determined response without any qualms,” while adding that the French government would be largely to blame if such an attack were to take place.

“The aim of the Salafists is clearly to install Isis policies here and we are prepared for it,” the group said.

redneck wheel substitution

from a viral e-mail

Pacific Electric wood interurban combination baggage coach model

HO scale.  More pics and details.

train time at Laverno Mombello, Italy, early 20th century

DDR railway postal car ad, 1952

Lisbon tourist tram, Portugal

The trams for tourist rides are painted red, those for general transport in yellow. See earlier post.

Mama Merkel's propaganda next to the reality

"Machete man kills pregnant woman" ... "My German is not yet perfect" "but his motivation!"

Wellington trolley bus from the 1960s

For details and lots more, see the book Wellington Transport Memories

effective outdoor advertising, Ponca City, Oklahoma

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'have you found me a transpress nz book?'

1920 Fageol truck

We think this is San Francisco.

snow, steam and ghosts in Braunschweig, Germany, 1976

A Kriegslok with a passenger train. See an earlier post for an outside postcard of this station.

New York City traffic scenes, 1928

Spanish 2-6-0

Steamer 130 2144, built by the North British Locomotive Co Ltd., Glasgow in 1905, seen in Almendricos in the Murcia region in 1966.

Danish parliament to consider a ban on Muslim immigration

Muslims burn the Danish flag
"Stop indvandringen fra islamiske lande"

After this summer’s terrorist attacks in Europe, Danish politician Søren Espersen has proposed all immigration from Muslim countries should be completely stopped in Denmark.

The American presidential candidate Donald Trump has attracted attention through his proposal to ban entry for Muslims.

Now, Søren Espersen, a journalist and member of the Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, which holds 37 of the 179 seats) has made a similar proposal in Denmark.

“We must, for a long time – perhaps four to six years – absolutely refuse to accept refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries, until we have an overview of our future efforts,” writes Espersen in a debate article in Berlingske.

The politician also proposes measures against Muslims that are already in Denmark. Among other things, he wants to tear up the citizenship of the imams who preach violence and make it an obligation for Muslim communities to report to the authorities if they notice that a young person shows signs of radical jihadism.

1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Friday, July 29, 2016

the Mountain Goat

A Bedford OB bus which picked up passengers at Windermere Railway station and took them to Ambleside and then Kirkstone Pass Inn, the third highest pub in England. The Inn was owned and operated by Wallace Trickett's family in the 1960's and was very popular with tourists, hikers and backpackers. It is still there today.

An oil on canvas panel painting by Wallace Trickett, 2016.

traffic in Reading, England, mid-1960s

Broad Street looking west, now a pedestrian zone.  One of us lived here in 1980; the building at the right with the oblong roof was Lloyds Bank, it may still be.

The trolley buses disappeared in November 1968.

Rocky Mountaineer publicity photo, Canada

Next to the Bow River near Lake Louise? The locos look like GP38's.  The livery has changed slightly since this pic was taken.

This upmarket tourist train takes passengers over four routes in British Columbia, and across the borders to Seattle and Banff in Alberta.

flying low by TWA over the Grand Canyon poster, circa 1950

Probably a view depicted en route to/from Las Vegas from a Lockheed L-749A Constellation

1949 Packard advert

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Coventry, England, 1950s bus art

German SEK commando unit smashes into a Salafist mosque and homes in the latest raid on Muslim terrorists


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

France has more Muslim terrorist suspects than police available to monitor them

The simple answer is to round them all up and put them in concentration camps -- Russia has plenty of available space in Siberia to put them in and would be willing to help.

One of the terrorists who stormed a historic Normandy church Tuesday and forced an 85-year-old priest to kneel before slitting his throat, was a known terror suspect and even wore an electronic tracking device.

French police reportedly likely placed the suspect on the country’s “S-list,” which includes suspects considered radicalized and subject to surveillance. The suspects inclusion on the list underscores the enormity of the challenge facing French counter-terrorism police. The French Center for the Analysis of Terrorism revealed in late June that France had 10,000 active terror suspects and only 5,000 police available to surveil them.

Worse, French anti-terror agents can only surveil 250 of the 10,000 suspects at any one time, because 24-hour surveillance requires twenty agents per suspect. French TV reported that the attacker who was on the watch list, previously tried to get to Syria, but was turned back over to French authorities by Turkish authorities. France reportedly released him in March.

KiwiRail traveling 'results' display, 2013

These pics were taken at the Wellington Railway Station when the display of rolling stock -- some of it from preservation societies -- was held there in 2013, the 150th anniversary year of NZ railways.

They were considered for, but not used in the book New Zealand Railway Memorabilia.

Rigal motor oil, circa 1903

For the rather eccentric type, maybe...

'I like to read a book wherever I am'

methane powered railcar poster, Italy, 1941

What now would be referred to as compressed natural gas, probably a fuel that became necessary because of WW2 which Italy entered the year before.

While on the subject of methane, a bizarre news item from a couple of days ago is here.

1981 Renault JP truck

1980 Renault GRH Truck

Unless used as a large poster, the effect of this promo pic is rather limited.