Saturday, December 31, 2016

'A friendly wave' from the goods train, NSW

With a 36 class steamer on the point; by John Bradley (Australian, 1945- ), available commercially as a print.

a long northbound passenger train from Wellington crosses the old Silverstream bridge 1925

With a Ww tank engine in charge during what is clearly an organised photo run-by.  Although the gradients are light as far as Upper Hutt, they stiffened significantly after there so this may have been a race day special as far as Trentham.  This single track bridge was replaced with the present double track one further upstream with electrification in the early 1950s.  See earlier posts and our books for more.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Soviet "Bluebird" all-terrain vehicle

The ATV in the photo is a fully restored legendary "Blue Bird", a unique [?] 3-axle amphibious vehicle, designed for search and evacuation of landed spacecraft crews. To rescue space explorers, these cars had to swim, go through trees, overcome rugged terrain.

car-tram collision, Soviet Union

No other info.  Clearly meter-gauge track and it looks like a Pobeda which shouldn't have been there.

German 44 class steamers

Just under 2,000 of this 2-10-0 heavy goods train steam locomotive were built for the Deutsche Reichsbahn from 1926 to 1949 as a standard steam engine class (Einheitsdampflokomotive). Its sub-class was G 56.20 and it had triple cylinders. It was intended for hauling goods trains of up to 1,200 tonnes (1,200 long tons; 1,300 short tons) on the routes through Germany's hilly regions (Mittelgebirge) and up to 600 tonnes (590 long tons; 660 short tons) on steep inclines.

vintage coupe in nocturnal snow art

Scenes like this, even if only art, make us appreciate Southern California... 'Frosty Homecoming' by Dalhart Windberg (American, 1933- ), available commercially as a print.

a century ago, WW1 still had nearly 2 years to go

After the Gallipoli adventure, it was fun on the Western Front for A/NZ troops. From the dust this was evidently a summer scene; much of the time it was seas of mud.  For more, see the book Voyage to Gallipoli.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

an Ab with a northbound train in Caroline Bay, Timaru, late 1910s

It's not clear whether it's a passenger or a mixed train.  One notes the Hydro Grand Hotel in the street above. For more views in the same area from the same period see earlier posts, and of course our books.

cars outside the Menzies Building, Invercargill, 1970s

This pic was taken from outside the railway station.

tram at the south end of Lambton Quay, circa 1910

See earlier posts and our two books on Wellington.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to step into the scene and talk to some of the people about their lives?

steam locomotive types 1874

A two-page scan from a book published in England; fortunately the obliteration caused by the gutter was minimal.

'I like to read a book, not gawk at a smartphone'

Hamburg Amerika Linie winter voyages into the tropics poster, 1958

With a mention of its ship Ariadne.   You can imagine what the political correctness brigade would have to say about a poster like this today.

1940 Ford Cars commercial

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Israeli government unhappy about UN security council vote against settlements in Palestinian Authority area

The UN vote condemning Israel's settlements on the occupied West Bank has not been well received by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This isn't surprising, but his reaction just seems over the top.  Even within Israel there is opposition to these settlements. The US, which abstained on the vote rather than veto it, hasn't escaped Netanyahu's venom either.

Egypt originally presented the resolution, but withdrew it after Netanyahu spoke to Donald Trump who in turn spoke to Egyptian President el Sisi.  But the other four countries sponsoring the resolution proceeded with it anyway.

Israel’s Foreign ministry has suspended all “working ties” with the countries that voted to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlements.
Foreign ministers and ambassadors from Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal and New Zealand will not be received at Israel’s Foreign Ministry, according to reports. They will also no longer be able to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

1956 Sunbeam Rapier

"With its lines and comfort at the avant-garde of progress."  Obviously for Switzerland.

1956 Buick with poseuse

"Would you like a ride, boys?"

1953 REO truck ad

Philips car radio in your Renault, 1950s

Like having the dame sitting on your hood and singing to you perhaps.

cars on Hollywood Boulevard, L.A., December 1950

From the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook page.

Monday, December 26, 2016

'Tugboat Annie' tow truck

This was built in 1937 on a cab-over-engine International truck chassis by Ebenhoh Body Shop in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. (Detroit Public Library pic)

Messageries Maritimes 'La Marseillaise' poster 1956

In the Mediterranean to Greece, Lebanon and Egypt.  La Marseillaise was a 181 metre long, 17,408 grt paquebot-poste from the 1940s -- more info and pics here

'I like to read a good book, not a smartphone'

1964 Buick promo art

cars on Central, Somewhere, USA, circa 1958

No other info.

1968 Geneva Car Show poster

1952 Morris Minor poster

Obviously for German speaking areas.  For lots more, see the book The New Zealand Morris Minor Story.

1933 Duesenberg J


Islamists attack Christmas, but Europeans abolish It

A statue of the Virgin Mary was ordered taken away by a court in the French municipality of Publier. Senator Nathalie Goulet slammed the judges as "ayatollahs of secularism". 
A German school in Turkey just banned Christmas celebrations: the school, Istanbul Lisesi, funded by the German government, decided that Christmas traditions and carol-singing would no longer be allowed. A Woolworth's store in Germany scrapped Christmas decorations telling customers that the shop "is now Muslim".
Europe is already mutilating her own traditions "to avoid offending Muslims". We have become our own biggest enemy.
Ironically, materialism might be the one thing which saves Christmas -- there will be big commercial resistance from manufacturers and retailers against the 'political correctness' brigade responsible for the above nuttiness.

Canadian Pacific Christmas Holiday Train

Saturday, December 24, 2016

BB à la gare

Happy Christmas to our readers

Book sales have continued their slide this year, but publishing services are most of what we do these days, and it's been active.

Blog views have also been strong. For the first time, we've not experienced a single troll all year -- we usually get a couple; perhaps sites like Facebook and YouTube occupy them now. 😃

We wish all customers and readers a happy and safe holiday period.

Fiat railcar at Rolleston, early 1978

On one of the last trips of the Fiats over the Midland Line, a few  enthusiasts used the opportunities for photos.  See our books for more. (Mark Denne pic)

the Berlin 'allahu-akbarist' mass murderer is shot dead by police in Italy

Lots of questions as usual, with the usual depressing answers, particularly in Mad Merkel's Germany.


Friday, December 23, 2016

Dampskib (Steam Ship) 'Lofoten', Norway

This was completed in 1932 for Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab for use on the Hurtigrute (see earlier post).

When the Germans invaded Norway on Norway 9 April 1940, Lofoten was at Bergen mechanical workshops for its annual inspection. She was therefore unscathed and in July 1940 the ship continued in permanent rotation in steamer service. In February 1941, the ship was requisitioned to carry Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler and Reichskommissar Josef Terboven to Kirkenes and back several times. On 12 September 1941 southbound Lofoten was attacked by an unidentified submarine off Syltefjord in Finnmark. The submarine shot at the ship with a cannon, but Lofoten gave full speed ahead and managed to escape undamaged. After this, the coast of Finnmark was deemed too unsafe for larger ships, and the Hurtigrute's northernmost call was limited to Tromso. The Tromsø - Kirkenes section was for the next five years serviced by smaller vessels. In October 1941 Lofoten was victim of a torpedo attack by an unidentified submarine in Saltenfjord south of Bodø. One torpedo hit, but fortuitously it was a dud that did not explode. In late October 1944, the ship was once again requisitioned by the German occupying forces: this time used during the forced evacuation of the wounded and civilians from Finnmark.

The ship was sold in 1964 to the Cypriot shipowner Troodos Shipping & Trading, and renamed Cyprus. The ship was destroyed by fire in the Mediterranean in 1966.

Length: 75.8 metres (248.6 ft)
Width: 11.6 metres (38.1 ft)
Draught: 4.4 metres (14.4 ft)
Top speed: 17.25 knots
Mainframe Triple expansion steam engine
Power: 2,200 indicated horse power
tonnage: 1,571 grt
passengers: 400

Transport Investments Ltd Otaki Depot trucks and operation

This commissioned work of Wallace Trickett shows some of the units in operation at Otaki Depot. Hooker Brothers began as a family freight business back in the late 19th century at New Plymouth and is one of New Zealand's oldest family transport operators.  The company eventually became known as Hooker Pacific and has continued to grow in structure and operations having depots around New Zealand.

It is now known as Transport Investments Ltd with one of the largest commercial trucking fleets in New Zealand including fuel tanker operations.  20  x 30" (51 x 76 cm), 2016

'I hope I get a transpress nz book for Christmas'

Italian railway centenary stamp, 1939

Featuring an ETR 200 fast electric train -- an article on the 18 of the 3-car electric trainsets, one of which on 20 July 1939 obtained the world record average speed, between Bologna and Milan, here

More pics here

by the Los Angeles Steamship Company to canoe surfing at Waikiki, Hawaii

The LASSCo lasted from 1921 to 1937.

Melbourne police foil yet another Muslim terrorist plot

Victoria Police say they have foiled an ISIS-inspired terror attack on Christmas Day in the heart of Melbourne.

Terror plotters allegedly planned to attack Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, Federation Square and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Heavily armed police raided homes across Melbourne’s north on Friday morning and made seven arrests.

Five men aged between 21 and 26 were arrested across Gladstone Park, Flemington, Campbellfield, Meadow Heights, and Dallas. Four of them were born in Australia and are of Lebanese background, while a fifth is an Egyptian-born Australian citizen.

One of the men arrested is Zak Dabboussi from Gladstone Park. His Facebook page is prolific with religious material including quotes from the Koran. Through his online persona he showed signs of becoming increasingly religious over the past 18 months.

an A class Pacific at Waikari

At the northwestern end of the 14 km Weka Pass Railway which originally went to Waiau.  This wasn't the original station, however, see the book New Zealand 1950s Steam in Colour. (from the tracksafe nz Facebook page)

'sorry we squashed your bicycle; hire one from Cycles André'

Probably late 19th century.  Not there now.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

downtown city traffic, Japan, 1960s

We don't know which city.  A couple of tram lines are in the centre of the road, but cars are making use of them.

Leyland Leopard bus in Wellington, 1967

For lots more, see the book Wellington Transport Memories

Saudi Arabian visit to Ethiopian dam tests Egyptian-Saudi relations

Egyptian media lashed out at Saudi Arabia following a Saudi delegation’s visit to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on Friday, increasing the already tensed relations between the two countries.

The Saudi Arabian delegation was headed by Ahmed Al-Khateeb, senior advisor to the Saudi royal court and board chairman of the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), who met with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn in Addis Ababa on Thursday, according Ethiopia’s foreign ministry.

Former Irrigation Minister Mohamed Nasreddin Allam declared the visit to “an attempt to harm the interests of 92 million Egyptians and an added response to the ongoing conflicts between Egypt and the Kingdom.”

Several Egyptian media outlets also criticized Saudi Arabia for this move. On Saturday, Egyptian news commentator Mohamed Ali Khayr warned Saudi Arabia to “review its policies before it can only blame itself for what ensues.”

“Egypt is not obliged to continue to contain its reactions towards Saudi Arabia… any interference [by Saudi Arabia] in the GERD project implies a direct threat to Egypt’s national security,” Al Khayr continued.

Full story

What are the Saudi Barbarians up to now? They well know Egypt is very concerned about plans to put dams on the Nile that will affect the water that the country depends on.

1974 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe

Black Fives at Willesden, 1963, art

By Guild of Railway Artists associate member James Green, available commercially as a print. The London Midland and Scottish or LMS class 5 'ten wheeler' 4-6-0 was almost universally known as the Black Five and with 842 produced between 1934 and 1951 was called by some "The Maid of all Work".