Wednesday, May 5, 2021

steam branch line days on the NZR

At Houipapa on the now long closed Catlins River Branch, Pacific type A178 hauls an excursion train on 3 January 1960. For lots more, see our books, particularly New Zealand 1950s Steam in Colour. (Jack Creber photo)

letting bad car parkers know what you think

Goodyear truck tire poster 1957

The American looking truck and the reference to Hi-Miler indicates that this was for French Canada and not Europe.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

a 4-4-0 with a Royal Train on the London Brighton and South Coast Railway art

By Jas Longden (1840-?) painted 1899. Original in the National Railway Museum in York.

1946 Murty Brothers truck

"Probably one of a kind, built by the Murty Brothers, of Portland, Oregon. Murty Brothers is a holder of many patents for truck design and is famous for building the narrow cab, single-person trucks used for hauling steel. They also built prototype trucks for the large manufacturers of trucks."

Monday, May 3, 2021

Union Pacific 2-8-0 from 1900

"Union Pacific No. 428 is a 2-8-0 steam locomotive built by the Baldwin locomotive works in 1900 for the Union Pacific Railroad.

"During its first two decades, UP 428 worked freights on UP's lines from Omaha and Kansas City to Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, and Los Angeles."

cars in WW1

A curious one-seater on the left -- what is it?

Canadian Pacific double-headed steam freight train, 1950s

The one in front is a G1e/G1f class 4-6-2 built by CPR in 1913. The one behind it looks like a 4-6-4 Hudson. It also looks like there was a lot of calcium in the water being used.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Monaco Grand Prix 1959 poster

This was the first Grand Prix win of Australian motor racing legend Jack Brabham.

Karori trams, Wellington, 1940s

Two trams cross inside the Karori tunnel and another is seen at the terminus by Karori Park. Pics from the booklet Wellington Tramway Memories by R.B. Alexander published in 1964. See earlier posts.

1903 Opel 10-12 PS (hp) Rennwagen

Rennwagen literally translates as racing car.

2016 Dodge Challenger

A pair of original Df class haul a goods train through the Athenree Gorge, NZ, 1971

On the original route which was bypassed with the Kaimai tunnel deviation in 1978. For more see earlier posts and our books. (Western Bay of Plenty District Council collection)

Friday, April 30, 2021

traffic in Kings Cross, Sydney, 1939

This shows one of the 3 double-decker trolleybuses for the first of two unconnected Sydney trolleybus lines. This one opened on 22 January 1934 as route 3 from Wylde Street, Potts Point to Town Hall station via Kings Cross and William Street. The route was temporarily converted to motor bus operation on 11 April 1948 while Liverpool Street was rebuilt. It was later decided not to reinstate the service.

"For the commencement of operations in the Eastern Suburbs, two single deck three-axle AEC 663Ts were purchased. One was bodied by Park Royal, London and the other by H. McKenzie of White Bay. They were later joined by three AEC 761T double deck vehicles, one bodied by Park Royal and two locally by Syd Wood. For the commencement of the Kogarah services, 11 Leyland TTB4 and 10 AEC 664T double deck three-axle buses were bodied by Ritchie Brothers, Auburn. After the end of the Eastern Suburbs line, the four surviving buses were transferred to Sans-Souci."


traffic on I-5 Freeway at Flower St., Santa Ana, California, 1950s

I-5 Freeway at Flower St., Santa Ana, 1950s. It's a considerably more complex interchange now. I-5 runs all the way up the Pacific Coast states from Mexico to Canada. (Orange County Archives)

cars outside the Holiday Inn, Raleigh, North Carolina, circa 1974

A Datsun is nearest the camera. The sign states that you can get a delicious buffet for only $1.95 which would be about $10.50 now. (State Archives of North Carolina)

Present day Google Earth reference.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Queensland Railways 'Sunlander' train ad, 1954

The train ran the 1681 km (1044 miles) between Brisbane and Cairns from 1953 to 2014. The ad shows one of the 10 original 1200 class diesels assigned to the train, a Co-Co type built by English Electric at Bradford over 1953-1954,  More

'I like real books, not little display screens'


tiny electric switcher, Japan

"This is Deki 3 (デキ3) of Choshi Electric Railway, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.  Choshi Electric Railway is a 6.4 km long railway line between Choshi and Tokawa.  Deki 3 was built by Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft [of Germany] in 1922. Length: 4470mm, Width: 2100 mm, Height: 3250 mm. Due to the lack of inspection, now it is not in operation, but preserved in Nakanochou depot."

Jaguar XK themed beer can

Brewed in Aro Street, Wellington, in a former service station, hence the name. Strong stuff too, about 7% alcohol.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

traffic in L.A., 1950s


25 April - Anzac commemoration day

In Australia and New Zealand this serves as both a memorial and veterans day. It marks the invasion of part of the Gallipoli peninsula in modern day Turkey on 25 April 1915, the first significant foreign conflict that both countries sent troops to, and saw major casualties.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Dutch steam trams, 1920s


'a real book and a cup of coffee - what else do I need?'


1975 Daimler Soverign

More pics and info 

East Broad Top Railroad’s unique 1927 gas-electric unit

"We are incredibly excited to announce that the John H. Emery Rail Heritage Trust, a prominent supporter of historic passenger-rail projects across the U.S., has granted $15,000 for roof repairs on the East Broad Top Railroad’s unique 1927 gas-electric unit, known as the M-1.

"The grant is among 22 donations totaling nearly $325,000 that were announced recently by the trust, which backs preservation efforts linked to what the trust’s founder, John H. Emery, called “the golden age of passenger rail” — 1920 to 1960. “The Emery Trust is proud to assist the EBT Foundation in its quest to maintain and operate such a rare and wonderful piece of railroad history,” said Jim Fetchero, a member of the trust’s three-person Advisory Committee. “We can’t wait to see the new roof on the M-1 in the near future.”

"Brad Esposito, our General Manager, said that the M-1 had been "extremely well maintained” over the years, but that the current roof needs to be replaced to protect the interior. “It’s a vital and unique piece of equipment,” he said, "that will let the reopened EBT accommodate small numbers of visitors on days when a steam locomotive hasn’t been fired up. The EBT is grateful for the Emery Trust’s generosity and its support."

About the M-1: The M-1 was designed by the J.G. Brill Company with electric components from Westinghouse. It was assembled in the East Broad Top’s shops and is believed to be the only American narrow-gauge motorcar ever built in which a gasoline engine powers a generator, which in turn powers electric motors on all four axles. The M-1 has a 12-seat passenger compartment as well as a compartment for freight and, importantly, sacks of mail. While it was under construction, one of the EBT’s 19th-century passenger coaches was rebuilt with roller-bearing wheelsets to serve as the M-1’s trailer when necessary. The M-1 covered the mail runs on the Shade Gap Branch and filled in elsewhere as necessary as passenger traffic waned. The M-1 saved the railroad money because it required fewer crew members to operate than a steam train, and was also easier and cheaper to maintain. It has never been out of service for a significant period. The Foundation has already run the M-1 for several special events, and expects to begin running trains on a regular schedule this coming summer. The Emery Trust has also supported an ongoing project at the EBT’s neighbor, the Rockhill Trolley Museum, which is overhauling a high-speed interurban car built in 1909.

Read the official release here:

British railway truck service poster, 1930s

Lorry is a term largely confined to the UK, elsewhere it's 'truck'. A post-consolidation poster for the 4 railway companies after 1923. 

1956 Ford Zephyr

With the obligatory fluffy dice hanging from the internal rear-view mirror and the Venetian blinds in the back window!

Friday, April 23, 2021

cars in Bond Street, Palmerston, NZ, 1916

Outside the premises of John Gordon's Motor Garage, the peak of Puketapu in the background. Note that Palmerston is a small town in Otago, not the city of Palmerston North.

'Oostkerk' (1954)

Original owner NV Vereenigde Nederlandsche Scheepvaartmaatschappij, 's-GravenhageWerf NV 

Capacity: 7178 grt
Length: 150.35 meters
Width: 19.21 meters 
Depth 8.62 meters
Power: 8500 hp
Speed: ​​16 knots

1970 owner Koninklijke Nedlloyd NV, Rotterdam
1974 owner Linea "C" (Giacosta Costa SpA) in Italy, renamed 'Luisa C'
In March 1979 towed to La Spezia, Italy, for scrapping

dislexia is undesirable for those doing road markings


Thursday, April 22, 2021

1952 Austin Countryman Pickup

1951 Muntz Jet

"Everything about this car is incredible. It’s hard to not notice the color first, and then there’s the split windshield which a few high-end cars had given up by 1951.

"It’s hard to mistake this front clip and grille for any other car than a Muntz Jet. Even though the company only reportedly made around 200 examples of this fabulous car, most of us have seen photos of them or if lucky, have seen one at a car show. I have seen a few of them over the years at car shows and they’re really interesting, to say the least. Some owners included singer Vic Damone and actors Clara Bow and Eddie “Rochester” Anderson."