Monday, April 12, 2021

Swiss aviation school poster, 1925

Today there is the Flieger Flab Museum of vintage aircraft in a hangar at the Dübendorf airport.

the heritage Bluebell Railway of England reopens on 20 May

"Dine out in style on The Blue Belle. Our Luncheon and Evening Dining services will return once we reopen on 20 May. Why not book a date with Bluebell Railway?"

Info and more pics on their Facebook page

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Sassnitz - Trelleborg ferry poster, Germany/Sweden, 1933

"East (Baltic) Sea bridge train ferry connection, twice daily in each direction." This still operates today.  

Ships depicted are Konung Gustaf V and Deutschland.

Norwegian fishing boats and dinghys

On a poster for Norwegian state railways (NSB).   Posters for passenger transport businesses often advertised destinations rather than their means of getting there.

Friday, April 9, 2021

'Bournemouth Limited' train poster, England, 1929

These trains were headed by one of the new “King Arthur” class 4-6-0 super-heated locos for the Southern Railway.


no can do


London Underground poster, 1927

White Star liner RMS 'Oceanic' in heavy seas art

Painted in 1907 by Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921).

The ship was built in 1899 and was at the time the biggest ship in the world. Her design was considered as quite elegant with many describing her as “yacht-like”. As the flagship of White Star, she operated on the Liverpool--New York kine until the outbreak of WW1. She became the first White Star Liner on which a mutiny took place: in 1905, 30 coalers took possesion of the ship demanding better work conditions. The ship tried but wasn’t able to help the RMS Titanic during her sinking in 1912, being too far away. 

She was lost on 7 September 1914, when she collided with a cliff near the Scottish island Foula after having been converted into an auxiliary cruiser. (Wikipedia)

Saturday, April 3, 2021

cars outside the Ford dealer in Waimate NZ, a century ago

They include a shrunk version, presumably for a young junior.

Dutch rail and tram poster, 1904

"Trips with the Netherlands Central Railway Company," "Cheap travel opportunities by Buurt train and tram to the beautiful surrioundings of Utrecht."

1932 Ford Tudor


Santa Fe GP30u

The designation of a rebuilt GP30, this one in June 1981. The original GP30 was delivered from EMD in May 1962. "[Santa Fe] performed a similar upgrade in its own Cleburne, Texas shops, stripping the locomotives down to bare metal and rebuilding with new equipment. The 567D3 engines were upgraded to a 2500-horsepower rating by the use of 645-series power assemblies. The generators and traction motors were upgraded and control and electrical equipment was replaced. The trucks received Hyatt roller bearings and single-clasp brake systems. Rooftop air conditioners and new horns were added. The locomotives were repainted in the blue and yellow Yellowbonnet scheme, and designated GP30u (for upgraded). 78 of these survived until the BNSF merger, and were eventually all sold off." (Wikipedia)

1939 Ford Sedan

'I prefer books without batteries'

Friday, April 2, 2021

traffic on The Strand, Tauranga, early 1960s

Looking south. Among others: Bedford trucks and a bus, Austin, Morris, Vauxhall and a VW Transporter. Taken from Monmouth Redoubt, the railway bridge to Mt Maunganui in the background. (Mike Houlding)

Russian book cover with a steam locomotive art

"Our plant" (factory) from 1949.