Saturday, May 29, 2021

Panama canal work at Gatun, circa 1910

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tram and horse cab outside Wanganui Station, NZ, 1910s

The presence of both suggests a passenger train isn't far away.  For lots more, see our books.

Pacific Electric trolleys at Hollywood Boulevard and Vermont Avenue, L.A. 1954

A pair of Pacific Electric trolleys at Hollywood Boulevard and Vermont Avenue on 12 April 1954. Car no. 5154 is inbound to downtown Los Angeles to the Subway Terminal Building, while car no. 5138 is heading for Beverly Hills via Hollywood Blvd. The 1946 wartime Chevrolet whitewall tires were simulated using hubcaps for the effect. In the distance is the Griffith Observatory. Roger Titus photo and caption info from the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation.

Friday, May 28, 2021

1950s BMW Isetta Polizei car model

Our latest office ornament: a 1:18 model by Nex with opening front, and front wheels that can be turned (two positions).  We have several police car models, but this has to be the quirkiest.  In the U.S. police departments have always used high performance cars to catch crooks on fast wheels so this West German prototype seems a little odd.  It would have its uses in congested downtown situations, however.

wild buses drinking


Monday, May 24, 2021

cars in Florida, 1940s


the 'Pamir' rounds Cape Horn in 1949

For details, see the book All at Sea by Emmanuel Makarios (panel at right)

Lionel electric toy trains poster, 1928

Wikipedia page on Lionel

Fairbanks-Morse H-24-66 Train Master duo

A total 127 of these six-axle Co-Co types were built between April 1953–June 1957. The Prime Mover was a FM 38D-8 1/8 12 cylinder opposed-piston 2-stroke diesel.  More info

Here Erie Lackawanna units 1851 & 1860 pull an ore train. "1851 was built as DL&W 851 in 6-53; 1860 was built as DL&W 861 in 11-56. Cleveland, OH on 19 August 1965." (Rodney Peterson photo via the Fairbanks Morse FB page)

"Windjammers at anchor" art


Painted in 1921 by Henry Scott Luke (1858 – 1929). He was an English visual artist, primarily a painter, but also a photographer. His most notable work was in the Impressionist style. 

Says Wikipedia: "The word "windjammer" has a variety of associations, both nautical and not. In the late 19th century the term was pejorative, as used by sailors aboard steamships."

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Great Central Railway express train leaving Marylebone Station hauled by 4–4–0 locomotive No. 872

Another painting by Jas Longden (1840-?) in the British National Railway Museum in York.

classic aircraft at Paraparaumu, NZ

An historic photo of the Paraparaumu airport in 1955 when it was still the main airport for Wellington, replaced by the present Wellington airport in 1959. 

For more details of the aircraft, see the book The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and Affiliates since 1940. (via National Library)

Melbourne's Taits are back to the mainline!

See the book Railway Electrification in Australia and New Zealand for the history of these.

Friday, May 21, 2021

AEC Reliance bus line-up, Wellington, circa 1960

We don't think it was an outing to the Dalgety store...  A photo taken from the railway embankment of the Johnsonville Line (a storage siding is in the foreground) by Graeme Bennett.

See earlier posts for more.

1976-1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass


Wellington harbour wharves 1957 and now

For lots more, see our books, including Wellington: a Capital century and New Zealand Maritime Images: the golden years

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

preserved Pacific Electric trolley, greater L.A.

high spoiler on a Plymouth

This was probably an actual racing stockcar.  The spoilers were developed to act like the opposite of an aircraft wing, forcing the rear driving axle to stay on the track at high speeds, and not just the flashy ornaments popular with boy racers.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

1957 Volkswagen oval window rear

The whole VW K√§fer (Beetle) look was pre-war -- probably the reason it lasted so long and is still so popular.  The only major changes were when the split rear oval-shaped window became one in 1953 and then the oval rear window was replaced with a rectangular one in 1958. Ten years later it was made bigger again in the interests of better rear-view mirror vision.

More pics of this one

tram in Onehunga, Auckland, interwar years

Queen Street was renamed Onehunga Mall in 1975. Buildings on this curve by Gloucester Park are now commercial ones.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

SNCB AM75 class electric multple unit, Belgium

A class of 44 four-car electric multiple units built over 1975-1977.

Axle arrangement: 2'2 '+ Bo'Bo' + Bo'Bo '+ 2'2'
Output: 1,360 kW (one hour rating)
Top speed: 140 km/h
Length over buffers: 99 metres


1939 Paris Metro map cover

 With a drawing of a Sprague-Thomson train set. CMP = Chemin de Fer Metropolitain de Paris