Sunday, June 12, 2022

heavy haulage in the jungle

Producer's description:

The São Manoel Hydroelectric Plant: in the heart of Brazil, deep in the Amazon rainforest. Everything the site needs must be transported via a long and arduous route. These transformers weigh over 200 metric tons each -- they have to travel 4,000 kilometers [2400 miles] before they reach their final destination. The workers at Megatranz are experts: long distances are easy for them. The haulage convoy covers most of the route easily - but the last 100 kilometers are difficult. 

The temperature is 40 degrees Celsius [104 F] in the shade, the conditions merciless, the roads dusty and the bridges old. This is demanding work for the workers and the cargo. But it’s also a bonding experience. Mistakes can be fatal. The way across the river is dangerous. A ferry is repurposed into a barge: a highly risky maneuver. Nerves of steel are just part of the job -- but that’s no use when your luck runs out.

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