Thursday, June 2, 2022

British DC electric locomotives art, 1957

This, by French artist Albert Brenet (1903-2005), shows a BR 26000 class (later E26000 class, then 76 class) for merchandise (left) and the 27000 class (right) for passenger services on the Woodhead Line between Manchester and Sheffield, partially closed in 1981.

These were Bo+Bo type using 1.5 kV DC from overhead. The first of the 26000 class was the prototype from 1941 and the rest 1950–1953. The prototype was built by LNER's Doncaster Works and the rest by BR at Gorton Locomotive Works with Metropolitan-Vickers traction motors.  One is preserved in the National Railway museum in York, the others were scrapped.

The 27000 class (Co-Co type) was a smaller production of 7 built at the Gorton works between 1953–1954.  All were withdrawn in 1958 and sold to Dutch railways as NS 1500 Class.  Two are preserved in England and 1 in the Netherlands.

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