Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What became of the Whitcoulls man?

For a few years a well-dressed but appropriately gormless looking twit fronted Whitcoulls' TV commercials (the above picture is a good likeness). But he has not been seen for a while. Has he been transferred to Australia as the book buyer for all of Whitcoulls, Angus & Robertson and Borders stores in both countries?

It will probably not make any difference to Whitcoulls' awfulness, however. Those who try Whitcoulls' NZ website to search for what book titles they have in stock will find a pathetic choice on anything worthwhile. For example, a search for "New Zealand railways" will produce only 3 titles which any of its NZ stores might have (probably won't have) in stock, and at selling prices about 15% above the RRPs set by the publishers of them. An incentive to bother with Whitcoulls at all, or an incentive to try elsewhere? Not too hard that one.

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