Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Onehunga station then and now

Passenger trains on the short 3.6 km Onehunga branch line from Penrose in Auckland ran for nearly 100 years until April 1973. On Saturday 18 September last they began again with upgraded track and new platforms. The first photo with one of the ubiquitous F class engines smoking up at the old station was probably taken not long after the branch's opening in December 1873. The station building was later rescued by the Railway Enthusiasts Society and shifted to 38 Alfred Street as their headquarters. The old post office just visible in the background is still there.

The second photo of the new platform, only about 50 metres from where the old station was, is from the Auckland Infrastructure blog.

The Campaign for Better Transport is campaigning to have the line extended southwards across the proposed new State Highway 20 Manukau Harbour second crossing bridge to Auckland International Airport, although the likelihood of the present government wanting to build such a line is remote.

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