Friday, September 4, 2015

1939 Chevrolet coupe

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cars in Cowra, NSW, late 1930s

electric tram to Mosman Bay, Sydney, late 1900s

Perhaps taken on Avenue Road at the location below?

Walmart car pool lane

railroad tracks are not suitable settings for this type of photo!

Union Pacific and the other freight railroads say: "Walking on or near railroad tracks to take photographs is extremely dangerous because you never know when a train will come along. Union Pacific urges professional and amateur photographers alike to set the right example for others by adhering to the safety guidelines."


5 years since the first big Christchurch earthquake

It was the biggest in terms of magnitude, 7.1, but because it was centred about 50 km from Christchurch and deeper, it didn't cause the same amount of damage that the one in February 2011 caused.  The latter earthquake destroyed the standpoint of this photo, taken in the 1960s from the bell tower of the cathedral.  This shows CTB buses in the red and cream familiar to older residents.  For lots more, see our books.

Nordic round tour ticket map, 1950s

By train, ship and car to the land of the midnight sun and back - 'bil' could mean bus, unless it actually was a rental car.  This particular person was starting in Copenhagen, and the trip included very little of Denmark, only between there and Helsingør, 45 km.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Piraeus tram, Greece, 1960

A still from the movie Never on Sunday of that year.

Royal Mail Steam Packet Company handbook cover

Including the Pacific Steam Navigation Company.  Age uncertain, a reader may be able to accurately date it.

Slovakia, Czechia, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia don't want Muslim migrants either

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has coldly told the Muslims not to come to Europe and he's not alone in this attitude, according to this webpage.

It's hardly surprising given Muslims' reputation; not that they are particularly interested in countries with lower per capita incomes anyway -- welfare benefits are much higher in western Europe.