Friday, October 31, 2014

trams in Willis Street, Wellington, 1900s

Looking north. See earlier posts and our two books on Wellington.

'we need a transpress nz book - where can we find one?'

Devon Belle train poster, England, 1947

The train was begun the year before nationalisation and only lasted until 1954.  The two observation cars are preserved and can be riden in.  More

Mt Cook Airlines skiplane on the Tasman Glacier

For details, see the book The Aircraft of Air New Zealand and affiliates since 1940.

electric recoaling plant on the L.N.E.R.

Saving time on the prestigious Flying Scotsman schedule; presumably it wasn't only used for that service.

electric multiple unit of the Tatrabahn, Slovakia

From communist days, as is obvious from the red star.  See earlier posts.

retro motoring household ornaments

Seen at a hardware store recently were these gasoline pump and drink vending machine recreation ornaments. The pumps had lights in the tops; the Shell one had shelves inside, the 'Route 66' one was designed for wine bottles.  The Coca Cola and Jack Daniels ones were for putting the obvious inside.

Restored versions of the full-size real things have featured on programs like American Restoration, worth watching.

Swedish Lloyd poster, circa 1951

Obviously a poster for France.  The Britannia and Suecia, both 4,661 grt and 376 ft (114.6 metres) long, were launched in 1929 and were in service with Swedish Lloyd from 1929 to 1966. The significantly bigger Patricia dates from 1951, a detailed illustrated history is on this webpage

interior of a Pullman Palace Car, 1885

Thursday, October 30, 2014

from 1960 flat-bed Lambro 3-wheel bike to Tuk Tuk Campervan

and probably the world's smallest such van, a project that featured on the Channel 4 (UK) program "Amazing Spaces". Project website