Monday, January 21, 2019

BSA motorbike ad, 1967

Canadian Pacific "Pacific" type steam loco, 1950s

Location not stated. It looks like a G2f--Vaughan-Horsey class, info

Pennsylvania Railroad MP 54 set

Seen in Delaware, exact station not stated. See earlier post.

1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

1992 Nissan March Bolero

AEC Mammoth Major truck, 1950s

Actually a painting by Malcolm Root.   Info

trams and horsecabs in Christchurch, 1900s

The Government Buildings is now the Heritage Hotel.  Unfortunately the Christchurch Press building on the left was a victim of the 2011 earthquakes.  For more, see earlier posts and of course our books.

"Four horsemen" of the Erie Railroad, 1950s

Which show the comparative styling of similar but different Alco and EMD units of the era.