Saturday, August 2, 2014

British Railways London-Midland electrication poster art, early 1960s

Two of the John Greene artworks commissioned by BR to publicize its electrification of the north -western mainline. They are now in the National Railway Museum in York.

100 years ago, World War One was just 2 days away

German troops enter box cars on their way to the front while women folk say their goodbyes.  Our book Voyage to Gallipoli covers what happened in the Pacific.

Friday, August 1, 2014

ship 'Arcadia' graphic

On the cover of the 1954 edition of the Ian Allan ABC of Ocean Liners.  The 29,734 grt Arcadia was built that year for P & O services from the UK to A/NZ and lasted until being scrapped in 1979.  For more, see our books.

'a transpress nz book - how wonderful!'

1983 Ansair Ansaliner bus

Made in Australia.

speeder satire

from a viral e-mail

Figeac station, France



Opened in 1862 by the Compagnie du chemin de fer de Paris à Orléans (PO), this still looks much the same as it did a century ago and, as can be seen, is inside a Y railway junction.

1956 Hands truck trailer promo

1930s Fiat Hispania 514

As the name suggests this was manufactured in Spain under license from Fiat. There were some minor detail differences from the original including its radiator grille, which had a chrome slat in the center, and the shields and anagrams.

MAN tram from 1925, Dresden, Germany

Dresden uses a rare 1450 mm gauge for its Strassenbahn (streetcars), see earlier post. Lots of info is on the website of the Dresden Strassenbahnbahn Museum, which tomorrow is having a Grosse Foto-Sonderfahrt (big photo special trip).  The Triebwagen (power car) above is part of the museum's fleet.