Tuesday, July 23, 2019

1951 MG TD

Union Pacific 'Centennials'

The class leader at Omaha, Nebraska, 1969. (UP postcard pic)
"The DDA40X is a 6,600-horsepower (4.92-megawatt) D-D [Do-Do]experimental diesel-electric built by General Motors' EMD division in La Grange, Illinois, for the Union Pacific Railroad. Nicknamed "Centennials" because they were built around the 100th anniversary of the completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad, and "Big Jack", the DDA40X uses two diesel engine prime movers, each rated at 3,300 horsepower (2.46 megawatts).
"The DDA40X is the most powerful single-unit diesel-electric locomotive ever built, surpassing the ALCO Century 855 built in 1964, which was rated at 5,500 hp (4.10 MW). However, more recent designs, such as the EMD SD90MAC and GE AC6000CW, have come close; both of these locomotives were rated at 6,000 hp (4.47 MW). It is also the third-most-powerful internal-combustion locomotive ever built, exceeded by the Russian Railways GT1 and Union Pacific GTEL gas turbine units. [At 98 ft 5 in (30 metres)] it is the longest single-unit diesel locomotive ever built."

A total of 47 were manufactured between April 1969 and September 1971 of which 13 survive today, including No. 6936 which is still in service with UP.

cars and buses in Pershing Square, L.A., 1954

The bus on the right (rear view) looks like it has Pacific Electric livery.  What is the car on the right?

Makeover plans for Pershing Square (which contains a lot of bricks/concrete) were announced by the City Council 3 years ago, but nothing has happened since.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Ae 6/6's on the Gotthardbahn, Switzerland, 1964

An SBB/CFF promo pic showing a double-header with a passenger train.  For more, see this post

automotive feelings

1935 Austin 7

Seen during last February's Napier Art Deco Weekend; it belongs to a guy who does Art Deco tours around Napier, although probably not in this!

Weinxettelwand Tunnel on the Semmeringbahn, Austria, 1920s

Before the line was electrified.

three NZR Road Services buses, one on its side, 1959

A scene captured by an Evening Post photographer on the Lower Hutt side of the Wainuiomata Hill Road on 10 December 1959 after the Leyland Comet had capsized on the curve visible on a rainy day.  The other two are Bedfords.  The tow truck was a World War 2 Scammell (now in Richardson's Truck Museum in Invercargill?).

This road has long been four lane, but is still steep and twisty.

Renfe old chocolate and cream liveried electric multiple units, Barcelona, Spain

These were built 1934-1957 by SECN (this one WR #360 in 1944) for 1500 Volts DC from overhead. One car of a two car set was powered by four traction motors (one hour rating in total 920 hp, continuous rating 816 hp). Seen at Barcelona-Villanova in 1964. Info and more pics

Sunday, July 21, 2019

50 years since the first man on the Moon -- how many to the first on Mars?

Phoenix lands on Mars. (NASA art)
It was an event which everyone more than a few years old at the time will remember -- publicity, discussion, school projects for months before it happened and then a listen to the radio for the live commentary on the actual landing.

The Moon, however, is only a 3 day hop from Earth -- the next celestial body deserving a manned landing is about 9 months away and a return mission involves years, not a couple of weeks. But there are those who think it can happen within the next 10 years.

There's plenty of pics and info about it on the net, but a concise summary is here.