Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Golden Chersonese train poster, Malaysia, 1930

The 'Golden Chersonese', a name for the Malay Peninsula, separates the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, extending roughly north-south for just over 1,000 km (600 miles) from the narrowest part of S.E. Asia.

Shanghai Harbour, China, early 20th century

lovely peeps at Timaru postcard, 1950s(?)

A postcard with a flap in the centre which when lifted gave you a less restricted view.

canoeing in the Adirondack Mountains, NY state, poster

Get there by the Delaware and Hudson Railroad.  Date uncertain, pre-WW1?

bicycle philosophy

security fail in Canada over Muslim attacks?

A security camera pic of Zale H. Thompson, described as "a Muslim convert", who charged at four New York City police officers with a metal hatchet on Thursday, hitting two of them. The attack was the third on people in uniform in North America in a week. He got the same treatment as the two Muslim nuts who attacked soldiers in Canada--shot dead.  Read more

It raises the question, what was being done in Canadian security intelligence circles to prevent this, particularly the Ottawa incident?  It is known as a country where authorities are lackadaisical about scam artists and fraudsters, and this adds to the clear shortcoming in apprehensions of those with criminal minds.

through the Swedish countryside behind a D class electric, 1954

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'I like the smell of books'

Mr D. Vader's election van, Ukraine

the 'Coastal Pacific' departs Kaikoura southbound

As those who have our books know, this train named as the Coastal Pacific Express began in September 1988, was briefly renamed the TranzCoastal and then back to the original name minus the 'Express' (well, it's aimed at people who like seeing the scenery).

This is one of the photos accompanying an article in Trains magazine (USA) for the 150th anniversary of NZ railways last year.

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