Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mexican 4-6-4

One of a batch of 10 built by Alco in 1937, seen in 1961. One is preserved.  Info

'Keep em flying', St Petersburg, Florida, 1940s

Almost certainly a reference to US military aircraft in WW2.

Victorian Railways DD class steam locomotive

This numerous ten-wheeler class ran on Victorian Railways from 1902 to 1974. Originally introduced on mainline express passenger services, they were quickly superseded by the much larger A2 class and were relegated to secondary and branch line passenger and goods service. More

1928 Graham truck

terms of employment for ISIS members aren't good

Those who retreat from towns held by this Muslim group get burned alive by their commanders as happened after the Iraqi army recaptured Ramadi - article - But even those who last the distance don't get paid a lot; 120 Euros a month plus bonuses.  They would get more staying on West European welfare handouts.

Reporters from France 3 had access to a high-security prison reserved for Islamic State members in Baghdad in a military camp, where prisoners are interrogated by Iraqi anti-terrorist services."I murdered people in Ramadi, early 2015. We arrived by surprise and killed the soldiers," says one of them.

Aboubakeur, a prisoner aged 25, caused a hundred victims in Baghdad, mostly civilians with car bombs. The man described on France 3 camera the violent methods he used to terrorize the Iraqi capital, killing several people in each explosion in cafes or hotels. It was in Mosul, in northern Iraq, where Aboubakeur entered the jihadist violence. 

He said he received a salary from for his actions: "When you're single, it earns a salary of 120 euros per month," he said, "but I had doubled my pay with extras; for each operation I got a bonus of almost 200 euros, " he added quietly. Spotted on CCTV images, the terrorist was arrested by Iraqi police. Aboubakeur says today he has "a lot of regrets." He was tried and sentenced to death by hanging.

France 3 article and video

Antwerp tram, Belgium, 1973

The city has a 110 km system in metre gauge.

1959 Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire saloon

This was only produced 1958-1960. Obviously depicted here outside Buckingham Palace, although this probably wasn't used in the Royal car fleet.

transport themes on a Peninsular Mexicano banknote, 1914

A steam loco and loading (unloading) cargo on an old ship. Presumably the 'Peninsular' is Baja California, but possibly the Yucatan.

Royal Carribbean cruise ship forced to turn back in a storm on a cruise to the Bahamas

a collapsed ceiling of the Anthem of the Seas

Travelers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship are furious after the ship knowingly sailed into a massive nor'easter off the coast of South Carolina.

Royal Caribbean has decided to turn the ship around and go back to Newark, New Jersey as a new storm brewing off the coast of Florida threatens to put the Anthem of the Seas back through stomach-churning swells.

Passengers were forced to endure a 'horrendous' night of rocking as the ship made its way through the storm with hurricane-force winds.

Anthem of the Seas will turn around and sail back to Cape Liberty.

'This decision was made for guests' comfort due to weather forecasts.

'The forecast would likely have impacted original itinerary. We're also sensitive to what guests have already been through.

'We appreciate our guests’ patience and cooperation. We know it was tough day on Sunday apologize for their discomfort,' Royal Caribbean's coporate Twitter posted.

The cruise line has offered a full refund and 50 per cent off the passengers' next cruise.

Daily Mail (UK) article

tram crash animated gif

Somewhere in Europe.