Sunday, April 20, 2014

'I'm really pleased with this big reference book'

Birmingham, England, tram and trolleybus graphic


As featured on this Ian Allan ABC series reference book from 1950.  Ian Allan was the prime publisher of information about transport in the UK for enthusiasts and is still a major publisher of it.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prague bus and trams, late 1950s

'trackless trams' Singapore Straits, 1920s

From a steroscope slide published in the US.  Singapore Straits presumably means the south of Singapore island.

Soviet MTB-82d trolley bus model

An O scale model available commercially.

ships in Wellington Harbour, 1960s

And those who have the book New Zealand Maritime Images: the golden years will know what they are.

1968 Plymouth Fury adverts

1973 Ford Mustang

Eva says she liked the color.

buzzin' in Bombay - Plymouth advert, December 1944

Showing a 1932 Plymouth.

"Thirteen years is a long life for any car"... evidently not in India and not in NZ either in the half century following WW2: with all the taxes that the government piled onto new cars, people wanted to get maximum use out of them and with most for the first 30 years of that being British it created plenty of business for auto repairers.

Baltimore and Ohio WW2 'Mountain'

The term given to a 4-8-2 type; here the first of 40 class T-3 built in the Mt. Clare Shops in Baltimore, Maryland, from 1942 to 1948.  Despite this one's easy to remember road number of 5555, seen in Pittsburgh in 1953, it was scrapped like all the B&O's mountains. More info here