Tuesday, December 5, 2023

1958 Austin A35

1958 Subaru 360

"Subaru may be well known for its four-wheel-drive cars, but it all started for the firm with the 360.

"Built as a kei class car to offer motoring within strict rules on size, the 356cc two-stroke parallel-twin engine offered just enough performance to see the 360 to 59 mph (95 km/h) while returning around 45mpg economy.

"As you’d expect of Subaru, there were some advanced ideas incorporated into the 360, such as independent suspension all-round and a glassfibre roof panel to save weight.

"In production from 1958 until 1971, 392,000 Subaru 360s were built and it now enjoys a cult-like following." (msn.com)

a BNSF GE ES44AC at the head of a freight train through Kingman, Arizona

 Another 3 engines then cars carrying containers. Quite a good modeller theme.

'I like to read a good real book on a rocking chair outside'

Monday, December 4, 2023

Los Angeles PCC streetcar from 1937 at S. Broadway & 7th, 1961

Built by the St Louis Car company. The streetcars ended in 1963.

A Castle Class ten wheeler arrives in Eastgate Station, Gloucester, England art

The Castle Class is also known as the GWR 4073 Class. Here No.4092 Dunraven Castle is depicted by artist Robert Rowland - website

Japanese Kiha 185 series DMU on the Minamiaso Railway (Takamori -- Tateno)

The single-track, cape gauge, 18-km non-electrified line was opened by the Japanese Government Railways in 1928. The only passing loop is at Nakamatsu. Freight services ceased in 1984. The third-sector company took over the former JNR line in 1986. The line iuses a simplified automatic railway signalling system.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

freight cars in Skopje train station, Macedonia, circa WW1

The original station was built in 1873.  This was replaced with a new station built over 1938-1940 which in turn had to be replaced following the 1963 Skopje earthquake that hit on 26 July 1963. This was opened in 1981. Some of the wrecked second station was kept as a city museum.

MoPac 40 ft livestock car model in HO scale

 40 ft is 12.2 metres.  The height indicates they were for cattle. Model made by Athearn.

Berlin S-Bahn 485 series

These DDR-productions, popularly known as "Cola Cans" were first delivered in 1990 and were finally withdrawn last month.