Monday, November 24, 2014

1951 Opel Kapitäns on the test track

Germany, precise location not stated.

'I need a guy to grasp my rear'

1963 Ford Consul Corsair

"A new car, I wonder how rich he is."
I don't think it's worth that much." 
From English Ford, the first model year.  The Consul bit was dropped from the name in 1965 and the model itself in 1970.

1929 Hudson

Spanish Talgo train FDC

Marking the centenary in 1995 of the birth of its designer Alejandro Goicoechea.  See earlier post.

Potez Aero Service, 1935

The aircraft was a Potez bimotor, fitted with 2 x Potez 9Ab en étoile (star) engines, rated at 138 kW (185 hp) each, and could carry 6 passengers to a maximum height of 6,000 metres (18,300 ft) at 250 km/h (155 mph). Thirty examples were built and used both in civilian version and military versions: the former by Air Afrique, Potez Aero Service (as in the poster) and by the Romanian airline. The French Air Force used some as liaison and observation aircraft.

The first experimental flight left Orly for Marseille on 18 April 1935; the next day it flew to Nice and Bastia (on Corsica).

In 1935, there were 202 flights by Potez Aero Service from 15 May to 6 October.

In 1936, the season ran from 28 March to 19 September.   Thereafter it ceased.

"In its last week of activity the Potez 56 prototype carried 124 kg of newspapers and post."

1934 Ford advert

"4 wheels with free suspension with the safety of two rigid axles and the assurance of incomparable road holding."

'would you like to read my book?'

Little Belt bridge poster, Denmark, 1935


Or the Lillebæltbro as it is called locally, spanning Jylland (Jutland) and the island of Fyn (Fune).  See earlier post.

1955 BSA Gold Star motorbike