Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Coyaltix double decker PK4 wood carriage


ex-Soviet DR1A diesel-electric locomotive/train set, Latvia

Part of a series of DR1 trainsets manufactured by Rīgas Vagonbūves Rūpnīca from 1963 for suburban commuter usage within the Soviet Union.  This one dates from 1976.

Some with different modifications) are still in use in the former Soviet countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. They remained in use by Edelaraudtee in Estonia until 2014.

'off-road' airport takeoff, Russia

A Russian AN-24 taking off in the “dirty lane.” It takes off no matter what.  Airport not stated. (

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Emirates bling version of a Boeing 777?

They could afford it, but no, just a Photoshop job -- Daily Mail story

Aside from the possibility of pieces falling off, it would lessen the aerodynamics and use more fuel.