Sunday, July 5, 2015

The 'Cathedrals Explorer' becomes the first steam train to stop at Dunrobin Castle in Scotland since WW2

The engine had travelled from London Victoria. From a Daily Mail (UK) article on a new book about request train stops in the UK -- here

Paris traffic sign

And while on the subject, here is a recent pic of a sign for motorists on how they can make turns.  The buses go along the outer lanes next to the sidewalks, other traffic in the inner lanes -- except for the street on the right where the reverse applies.

Paris L class tram and trailer drawing, circa 1925

See earlier post.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

steam loco graphic, France, circa 1925

Blécao sounds like a combination of blé (wheat) and cacao (cocoa).

vehicles in Caracas, Venezuela, 1950s

See comments for identifications.

'do you like my twin carburetors?'

A 1956 Ford F100. (

'Silver Star' poster, circa 1972

Distinctively 1970s.  This was an upmarket overnight passenger train that ran between Wellington and Auckland that decade.  For lots more, see the book New Zealand Railway Memorabilia.

Route 66 memorabilia including a Model T Ford truck

Another pic appropriate for 4 July.  As mentioned in an earlier post, Route 66 officially doesn't exist anymore, but you still hear a lot of people say they want to drive along it.

good for the environment and good for the economy - Union Pacific Railroad has better profit margins than Google

Steven Joyce and his sycophant naysayers in the Treasury should read this -- an article in last month's Fortune magazine -- here

4 July - U.S. Independence Day

The graphic accompanying an article on the Union Pacific Railroad website about Dexter, Missouri, being awarded membership in Union Pacific's Train Town USA Registry  -- read here