Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Billard autorail on the Chemins de Fer Départementaux de Seine et Marne, 1957

In the Montereau station. Like nearly all of these "local interest" lines, this 137 km line was metre gauge.  The closure of the last sections happened in 1959.

'no smartphones for us; give us books'

traffic in Madrid, Spain, 1967

With an unmistakable Citroen 2CV van. The nearest bus looks East European.

The same spot in the 1930s and now.

the post coach comes, Germany, 19th century

With schoolkids as literal hangers-on.  An early 20th century product collector card.

the 'Silver City Comet' at Parkes, NSW, 1973

With a CPH rail motor at the platform.  The nature of the maneuvers is unrecorded.

Finnish 2-8-0 from the late 1920s

One of the VR Class Tk3 of which 161 were eventually produced, this one is obviously preserved in a park.  Info

cars and a bus in Bridgnorth, England, 1970s

The town is best known as one terminus of the Severn Valley Railway heritage train, like steam heritage railways in Britain generally, a marvelous experience.

Bridgnorth Cliff Railway, England

England’s oldest and steepest inland electric funicular railway -- with an overall grade of 55%, although it is only 201 ft (61 metres) in length; double track in cape gauge.  It was built in 1891.

The cars, which look like minibus bodies, hold 18 passengers each and date from 1955 according to the official website

Monday, July 25, 2016

sugar cane transport in Jamaica art, circa 1930

It shows a crane taking large bundles from the oxen-drawn carts and loading them on to the rail freight cars.  Perhaps the two on the bottom right are eating the sugar.

Probably intended for junior book or school use.

cars in Seattle, 1949

The service station offers "blow out tires."