Monday, April 27, 2015

at the station of Durango, Spain, in Feve days

Someone's personal photo in the station in the Basque region. Feve stood for Ferrocarriles de vía estrecha (narrow gauge railways) and comprised a network of 1,269 km of metre-gauge lines of which 392 km was electrified in 1.5 kV DC.  The company lasted from 1965 to 2012 when it disappeared as a result of reorganisation and the trains are now operated by Renfe.

1939 Buick convertible in a contemporary advert

An advertisement by a printing company.

'I guard the transpress nz books when folks want to read them, otherwise they get stolen'

to Paris with Air France on a 'Connie', 1947

when things get steamy

Another pic found on the Retrospace blog.   This amount of steam would indicate your engine has overheated big time; here the reason seems to be in front of the grille.  What car is that?

life raft seen in the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, 2012

It may seem rather odd for a utilitarian object (made by Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S) to be described as art, but here is the description on its MoMA webpage :-

Born out of Necessity

March 2, 2012–January 28, 2013

In the midst of a storm at sea, attempting to board a life raft is extremely difficult. This raft, which is fitted with handles on either side and a step that extends below the surface of the water, enables the person at sea to grab the handles and raise her legs from the water without putting strain on her arms, which are used only for stability. The wide step allows the occupants of the life raft to lean out to help other people enter. The raft positions itself according to the direction of the wind and can be oriented by its occupants so that its opening faces the people swimming toward it.

1939 Ford Deluxe