Wednesday, April 23, 2014

1975 Mitsubishi Galant promo photo


Taken somewhere in NZ.

Drewry supplied pre-WW2 diesel-mechanical shunter on NZR


Number 32 from 1939, a two axle Tr (tractor) class is seen in Henderson in 1964.  Originally it had a Parsons petrol (gasoline) engine, but in 1958 this was replaced with a Detroit Diesel 4-71 series engine developing 78 kW (105 hp) at 2,000 rpm, with the power train via an Allison torque converter.  The remains of this particular loco, one of 16 similar ordered by NZR from Drewry before WW2, are stored in the Tokomaru Steam Museum.

As electric motors have much better torque than mechanical ones, diesel-mechanical transmission on railways world-wide has been almost completely confined to low speed, low tractive effort needs in yards or to railcars.

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Chernigov station, Ukraine, 1970s

One of several attractive railway stations in Ukraine - some nice recent pics are on this webpage

1951 Austin A40 Sports convertible

Canada Post to scrap all home deliveries

Unreal, particularly since unlike its counterpart in the United States, Canada Post makes a profit ($98 million in 2012)...

In an attempt to cut costs, Canada Post has announced plans to scrap all home deliveries, making Canada the first country in the G20 to be without a door-to-door service. Once the cuts are implemented, only some business addresses will get post through the letter box – not even residents of cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal will receive mail at home.

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'this transpress nz book was a good purchase'

1914 Morris Fire Truck, India


A First Day Cover from a couple of months ago, showing this machine built by John Morris and Sons in Salford, England, and used by Indian Railways.  A pic of it being run is on this webpage

NSB El.17 electric locomotive

an NMJ topline model
A class of 12 electric Bo-Bo 3,000 kW or 4,000 hp locomotives built by Thyssen-Henschel and Norsk Elektrisk & Brown Boveri (NEBB) for the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) in two batches, the first was delivered in 1982 and numbered 2221–2226, and the second in 1987, numbered 2227–2232. more

Mercedes Benz 300SL on the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico, 1950s


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2-2-0 tank loco for branch lines, Germany, 1882

Built for standard gauge lines in the Duchy of Baden. In German a Tender-Lokomotive means a tank locomotive; one with a tender attached behind it is a Schlepp-Tender-Lokomotive.