Sunday, June 16, 2024

San Pedro Harbor, Los Angeles, at night, 1940s

San Diego light rail trains at El Cajon

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cars in Main Street, Brigham City, Utah, late 1950s

And a few years earlier...

Slovak Railways electric multiple unit Class 460 from the 1970s

"The Slovak Railways EMU class 460 is a DC suburban train that consists of two powered driving units at either end of this (overall) four unit train (originally this was a five car train). There were 84 trains built between 1974-1978, and this example is seen running between the eastern Slovak cities of Košice and Prešov."

cars in Tucumcari, New Mexico, circa 1960

The first blue car parked on the right looks like a Vauxhall Victor

Milwaukee Road Class EP-2 electrics


The Milwaukee Road’s Class EP-2 electric locomotives, commonly known as Bipolars, were one of the most interesting designs ever developed.

Arriving just a few years after the EP-1s, the Bipolars built exclusively for passenger service, were another collaboration from General Electric and the American Locomotive Company (Alco).

Not only was this design one of the most interesting ever built it was also one of the most complex, made up of no less than three articulated sections.

After about 40 years of service the EP-2s were pulled from daily use in the late 1950s, largely due to an overhaul issue. In spite of this, they were highly reliable locomotives that enjoyed several decades of service.

General Electric did not enter diesel locomotive production until the late 1950's. However, the company had been building or collaborating on electric propulsion since the late 19th century and produced some very fine designs during that time.