Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Taihape in 'Clockwork Orange' days

A photo by Mark Cole of the Taihape, NZ, railyard in 1977 with a couple of then relatively new Dx class in their original yellow and orange livery in the centre-right.

Several changes have happened in the meantime.

This pic was intended for a now abandoned guidebook on the North Island Main Trunk, but there are other NZ railway books available.

Monday, November 19, 2018

1976 ERF PFS fire truck, Wellington

ride the Inland Railway in summer, Sweden

Only 345 Swedish Kronor ($US 38) for a package price?  Well, it's a pamphlet from 1986 in our collection, so adjustments for inflation are needed.  The 14 day Inlandsbanan card now costs SEK 2,000 or $US 224.

The Inlandsbanan runs 1,363 km up the centre of Sweden from Kristinehamn to Gallivare (also a station on the Malmbanan -- see earlier) and needs two full days of travel, involving an overnight stop at Ostersund. In 1986 it was run by the SJ (state railway) but seems to be privately operated now.


vehicles in Lambton Quay, Wellington, 1970

All of them British -- a still from the tourist promo film C'mon to New Zealand (1970). For lots more, see the book Wellington Transport Memories.

steam trains near Amsterdam Centraal Station, 1900s

Including a semaphore signal gantry and a switch tower (signal box).

Saturday, November 17, 2018

the hospital ship 'Maheno' leaves NZ for the Middle East, 1915

By Walter Armiger Bowring, and now in NZ's National Collection of War Art.

For lots more on this and many other WW1 ships, see the book Voyage to Gallipoli

steam loco with a passenger train on the Hejaz railway, Syria

No other info.  It could be either a 2-8-0 or 2-8-2 but it's too indistinct to be sure.  A list of Hejaz railway locos is on this page

Friday, November 16, 2018

the Prince of Wales in Greymouth NZ, 1920

Later King Edward VIII who reigned for most of 1936 before he chose to abdicate so he could marry an American divorcée.

Presumably those are flags and not someone's washing line...  What is the car?