Wednesday, July 6, 2022

1975 Ford LTD Landau

'little electronic screens are not for me -- I like real books'

1975 Ferrari 308 with Clint Eastwood

Presumably the photo was taken about that time.

East Broad Top heritage railroad's No. 17

A 3 ft gauge 2-8-2 built by Baldwin in 1918. "Out of service since October 2001, #17 is currently stored, and is sometimes on static display for special events."


1932 ACF school bus

See more in this book:

"American Car and Foundry (ACF), a pioneer transportation manufacturer, came into existence in 1899 as a result of the merger of 13 railroad-manufacturing companies. After a complicated transaction in the mid-1920s, ACF had control of the Brill Corp., Hall-Scott Motor Co., and Fageol Motors Co. From the beginning, ACF built both intercity and transit buses.

"ACF began to capture large orders for intercity buses, especially when the National Trailways Bus System was formed. Sharp black & white photos with in-depth captions combine to capture this important part of bus history."