Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

1967 Dodge Coronet ads

With the 440 hardtop a blonde is tied up, with the 500 convertible she has a dart gun...

1959 Ford Customline

Including matching two-tone wheels.

'we're lucky they were able to buy these transpress nz books for us'

Hungarian 4-8-0

Although an impressive total of 514 of these 424 class locomotives were built between 1924 and 1958 (including 149 foreign orders), there are only 3 operational examples today, of which this is one.  More pics here

an AB Pacific in Gisborne station yard, 1950s

For lots more, see earlier posts and of course our books.

1952 Oren fire truck

RMS 'Majestic' White Star Line poster, 1932

RMS Majestic was a White Star ocean liner working on the North Atlantic run, originally launched in 1914 as the Hamburg America Line liner SS Bismarck. At 56,551 gross register tons, she was the largest ship in the world until completion of SS Normandie in 1935. The third and largest member of German HAPAG Line's trio of transatlantic liners, her completion was delayed by WW1. She never sailed under the German flag except on her sea trials in 1922.

Following the war, she was finished by her German builders, handed over to the allies as war reparations and became the White Star Line flagship Majestic. She was the second White Star ship to bear the name, the first being SS Majestic. She served successfully throughout the 1920s but the onset of the Great Depression made her increasingly unprofitable. She managed to struggle through the first half of the 1930s before being sold off for scrapping to Thomas W. Ward Ltd. 

She was taken possession of by the British Admiralty before demolition commenced after an agreement was reached with White Star and Thomas Ward. She served the Royal Navy as the training ship HMS Caledonia before catching fire in 1939 and sinking. She was subsequently raised and scrapped in 1943. (wikipedia)

Monday, May 2, 2016

LAX in 1964 and now

While on the subject on LA infrastructure: the well-known "Jet-Age" theme restaurant was an icon in the 1964 photo, now it just looks a little triste.  The famous quote by Raymond Chandler on L.A. -- "a city with all the personality of a paper cup" -- certainly applies to LAX.  However, improvement plans are under way, see earlier post.

Top pic from the Vintage Los Angeles Facebook page

LA Metro's Expo Line extension grand opening is over 20-21 May

The Los Angeles Metro system is set to offer free rides on Friday and Saturday, May 20-21, as part of the grand opening of the Expo Line extension to Santa Monica, informally known as "Expo 2."

The free rides will be available on the entire Expo Line, not just the new extension, Metro spokesman Jose Ubaldo told KPCC. The free rides begin at noon May 20 and last until close of service each day.

"It's part of Metro traditions that when we open a ... rail line, a new one, we celebrate with the community the beginning of service, the end of construction," Ubaldo said. "It's a celebration to tell the public this is what we've been doing, and this is the new service that you're going to be enjoying from now on."

The extension now makes it possible for you to take Metro all the way out to two to three blocks from the Santa Monica Pier, according to Ubaldo, which means that you can now reach the beach via Metro from anywhere in Los Angeles County.