Friday, July 31, 2015

the 'Stella Polaris' (1927)

This was built as a cruise ship, delivered from AB Götaverken, Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, in February 1927.  Original specs: dimensions: 110 metres (360.5 ft) x 15 metres (50 ft) x 9 metres (30 ft), propulsion: 2 x 8 cylinder Babcock & Wilcox 5,250 bhp output, maximum speed 15.64 knots, 199 passengers.  The ship still exists as a floating hotel in Japan.

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Dutch double-deck DD-VIRM electric multiple unit

DD-VIRM stands for DubbeldeksInterregiomaterieel or Verlengd InterRegio Materieel and 178 four or six-car sets were built between between 1994 and 2009 by De Dietrich or Talbot.  More here  (pic via

there are only two certainties in life...

"The FinanzAmt (tax office)

The FinanzAmt always takes from my papa all his money away and gives it to the state.  The state needs the money to build more tax offices.

The FinanzAmt emerges once a year and then everybody whines. It is like the flu.

The tax explanation is therefore so important and one can not understand the tax laws without explanation.

With workers the tax is always immediately withdrawn from their pay, thereby they don't pay taxes so seldom as prominent people.

Cordula-Juliette Mehlhorn, 3a"

1972 Oldsmobile Toronado