Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Taihape in 'Clockwork Orange' days

A photo by Mark Cole of the Taihape, NZ, railyard in 1977 with a couple of then relatively new Dx class in their original yellow and orange livery in the centre-right.

Several changes have happened in the meantime.

This pic was intended for a now abandoned guidebook on the North Island Main Trunk, but there are other NZ railway books available.

Monday, November 19, 2018

1976 ERF PFS fire truck, Wellington

ride the Inland Railway in summer, Sweden

Only 345 Swedish Kronor ($US 38) for a package price?  Well, it's a pamphlet from 1986 in our collection, so adjustments for inflation are needed.  The 14 day Inlandsbanan card now costs SEK 2,000 or $US 224.

The Inlandsbanan runs 1,363 km up the centre of Sweden from Kristinehamn to Gallivare (also a station on the Malmbanan -- see earlier) and needs two full days of travel, involving an overnight stop at Ostersund. In 1986 it was run by the SJ (state railway) but seems to be privately operated now.


vehicles in Lambton Quay, Wellington, 1970

All of them British -- a still from the tourist promo film C'mon to New Zealand (1970). For lots more, see the book Wellington Transport Memories.

steam trains near Amsterdam Centraal Station, 1900s

Including a semaphore signal gantry and a switch tower (signal box).

Saturday, November 17, 2018

the hospital ship 'Maheno' leaves NZ for the Middle East, 1915

By Walter Armiger Bowring, and now in NZ's National Collection of War Art.

For lots more on this and many other WW1 ships, see the book Voyage to Gallipoli

steam loco with a passenger train on the Hejaz railway, Syria

No other info.  It could be either a 2-8-0 or 2-8-2 but it's too indistinct to be sure.  A list of Hejaz railway locos is on this page

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Zephyr and Sprite art

A circa 1960 Ford Zephyr 6 with a Sprite caravan -- Kiwi nostalgia! Produced as a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Osaka, Japan, double-deck tram car, 1903

The year the system began, see earlier post.

Atomic Camper, Alaska

Details and more pics on the Facebook page

classic cars and bras

1936 Diamond T bus

In NZR Road Services use.

According to the Ferrymead Heritage Bus Group:-

"Charles Tilt established the Diamond T Motor Car Company in Chicago in 1905, building small custom made cars for the first 6 years. In 1911 by request, the Company focused on commercial vehicles with great success. In the 1920's and 30's, Tilt began streamlining his trucks and used a faster 6 cylinder engine, and added air cushioned pneumatic tyres. The engine he used (in 1939) was a Hercules inline 6 cylinder diesel with a 3.5 inch bore and 4.25 inch stroke (4 litre). Later he fitted 6 cylinder Perkins diesels. The carrying capacity was 1.5 tons or 4,250 lbs.

"The 1930's saw the introduction of more sophisticated trucks into Australia and New Zealand, with a larger carrying capacity and average speeds of 20 miles per hour. Diamond T was reliable for climbing steep grades like we have in New Zealand country roads, while fully laden. Diamond T truck chassis were imported and used for building buses, though the chassis' needed to be extended for this. Work done by skilled coachbuilders like Crawley Ridley, Eaddy & Taylor, DSC & Cousins, and Cavanagh. Diamond T Service Cars and Buses were operated by Birkenhead Transport, Edwards Motors of Auckland, Dalbeth Motors, Howick Bus Company and many small operators.

"In 1967, Diamond T became Diamond Reo after the Company was taken over by REO. Later they combined with the White truck conglomerate."

the motor car art, 1920s

An illustration used on the cover of a children's book of the time; if it's meant to be a Rolls Royce it would be more elaborate than most people could afford.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

a century since the end of World War 1

The armistice that brought WW1 to an end happened on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.  At least 16 million soldiers and civilians had been killed and many more severely wounded.

Ever since 1918, 11 November has been known as Armistice Day in the U.K. and Veterans Day in the U.S.

It's good that a century later the awful period that was WW1 is commemorated and Australia & NZ are part of that.  In fact the size of the commemorations get bigger every year.

The reality of the war for soldiers and their families half a world away became clear with the ill-conceived Gallipoli campaign of 1915 in what is now Turkey, and the veterans remembrance day in Australia & NZ ever since has been 25 April -- ANZAC Day.

We marked the centenary of A/NZ involvement in WW1 with the book Voyage to Gallipoli which also covers other troopships used elsewhere in WW1, and we intend to keep it in print for some time yet.

Egypt to build its first monorail

Egypt’s Deputy Minister of Transportation, Amr Shaat, has announced that the ministry is working towards building a monorail in Egypt for the first time. Shaat said that a joint committee has been formed by the ministries of transportation and housing to initiate bidding on the project.

The project is meant to link the cities of 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed with the capacity to transport 1 million commuters daily. According to the State Information Service, the monorail travels on a concrete bridge, and its first phase extends 35 km, and it can cross that distance in 35 minutes. The line will also have 10 stops between both cities.

According to El Watan, the Minister also announced planning for another monorail in the New Administrative Capital, which extends 52 km. Both projects are said to cost EGP 18 Billion. They will also link both suburbs to Cairo's metro network through its third phase.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

1949 Plymouth woody station wagon

'I wonder if he's found me a transpress nz book?'

home-made rockets, NZ

Although they look militaristic, they actually have a peaceful purpose as mobile holiday accommodation, towed with a truck.  The owner is selling the one on the right as he "doesn't need two."

Muslim terrorist kills popular restaurant owner in Melbourne

The Muslim from Somalia, who had his passport cancelled 3 years ago because he tried to join ISIS in Syria and whose brother plotted an attack in Melbourne's Federation Square, also tried to kill lots more by blowing up gas bottles in the pick-up.  Police tried to subdue him and then shot him.

'I thought that the road lane was a bit narrow'

Friday, November 9, 2018

when Los Angeles International Airport only hosted propeller driven aircraft, 1950s

With large open air parking lots.

Reading Railroad 'Crusader' 1937, art

Artist's signature not legible. "The Crusader was a five car stainless steel streamlined express train pulled by a stainless steel shrouded streamlined Pacific class (4-6-2) steam locomotive. The train consisted of two coaches, two observation cars, and a tavern-dining car. It ran on a 90.3-mile (145.3 km) route from Philadelphia's Reading Terminal to Jersey City's Communipaw Terminal, with a ferry connection to Lower Manhattan at Liberty Street. The Reading Railroad provided this service in partnership with the Central Railroad of New Jersey (CNJ), in which it was the majority owner of capital stock.

"Trains including the Crusader ran on Reading Railroad tracks from Reading Terminal in Philadelphia to Bound Brook, NJ, where they continued on CNJ tracks to Communipaw Terminal in Jersey City. Passengers then left the train and walked aboard the ferry or boarded busses that loaded onto the ferry. Introduced in 1937, the Crusader service declined during the 1960s. The southern part of the route was cut in 1981, followed by the northern part in 1982."

cars in Salida, Colorado, 1950s-1960s

1968 Red Arrow shoppers bus advert, London

1968 Plymouth Satellite

1968 IFA W50 truck

"for agriculture"

'I'm so pleased I found this transpress nz book'

Sydney 4-wheel electric tram at the Rose Bay terminus, circa 1898