Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Egyptian 4-6-0 steam locomotive

We're fairly sure that's what this is; a batch was built by the Linke Hofmann Locomotive Works in 1926.  The original caption says this was the Cairo to Port Said express, seen in 1941,

Monday, January 15, 2018

CdF de l'Etat poster featuring the Tour de Kerroc'h lighthouse

Info and map

Santa Ana dentist gets a car filling

A driver who later admitted to using narcotics crashed his car into the second-floor dental offices of a Santa Ana building today, into the second floor dental offices in a building today in Santa Ana, according to police.

The white sedan was partially wedged into the second story of the office building, Santa Ana Police Department reported. A specialized fire truck from Los Angeles was brought in to extract the car from the dentist's office.

Friday, January 12, 2018

1975 Chevrolet Caprice

trams outside the old Dunedin Post Office, circa 1910

The road number of the nearer one looks like 10.  A couple of dogs seem to be having fun in the quiet street.  The Post Office was replaced with a bigger building in 1937 which still exists, although not used by NZ Post.

Mozoyer motorcycles poster, circa 1950

A 500 cc sport model shown.

the 4-masted Melbourne schooner 'Cecilia Sudden'

643 tons gross and 545 tons net register, built at Fairhaven, U.S.A. in 1902, by the H. D. Bendixen Ship Building Co., San Francisco
Dimensions: length 172 ft (52.4 metres), beam 38.3 ft, depth 13.2 ft.

On the night of 8 September 1921 this caught fire and was abandoned by her crew between Tiritiri and the Watchman Islands in the Hauraki Gulf. No lives were lost, and the crew were taken to Auckland on the next morning by the trawler James Cosgrove.

The Cecilia Sudden, bound from Newcastle, N.S.W., to Callao, had put into Auckland to obtain medical aid for the boatswain, who had fallen from aloft.

Monday, January 8, 2018

restored Wairarapa railcar RM5 gets its first public showing on 4 February

Wairarapa class railcar RM5 Mahuhu will have its first public reveal after the extensive restoration by members of the Pahiatua Railcar Society on Sunday 4 February.

Details below from the society's Facebook page. For more info on the class from 1936 see earlier posts and, of course, our books.

Come join us and help us celebrate the restoration,

Standard Railcar RM31 will help us celebrate with short trips to Hukanui and back ($20.00 Adult), ($10.00 child)

Pahiatua Railcar Center opens to tours
RM31 will run several trips South to Hukanui

Official speeches, followed by RM5 emerging from her restoration shed
BBQ Lunch and light refreshments available at a small charge

RM5 commences passenger trips within Pahiatua Yard
RM31 Continues multiple trips South to Hukanui and return

4.30pm Organised activities conclude