Thursday, March 15, 2018

NZR's E66 on the Rimutaka Incline, circa 1910

This was a one-off 2-6-6-0T built in 1906 as an experimental more powerful locomotive to operate on the Rimutaka Incline than the existing H class Fell engines.  It was more powerful than an H but used a lot more coal and was unpopular with crews.

In 1917 it was withdrawn from service and later scrapped.  More

A portrait of E66 taken by Percy Godber at the Petone workshops where it was built in 1906.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

old style tank car of Procor

On the side it states 80,000 lbs capacity and a light weight of 12,900 lbs.

Procor is a Canadian freight car leasing company founded in 1952 and based in Oakville, Ontario. Since 2002 it has not manufactured any freight cars, instead it sources from its parent Union Tank Car's plants in Alexandria, Louisiana and Sheldon, Texas.

Pennsylvania Railroad calendar art, 1941

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

narrow gauge copper ore mining steam train, Chile

The Societé des mines de Cuivre Naltagua (SMCN) was founded in 1908 by Count Bernard de Saint-Seine, with Count Lesnil, son-in-law of the Baron de Rothschild, and the wealthy banker Michel Renebey. Its headquarters were in Paris. "The promoters were capitalists and merchants who were not familiar with the mining activities, which explains the numerous errors that were incurred in the project and the construction of Naltagua."

The company bought the Naltagua hacienda and more than 120 mining properties that covered a strip about 1 kilometer wide and 7 kilometers long south of the El Monte railway station from Santiago to San Antonio, which at that time only reached Melipilla.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Canadian National home delivery train?

Taken in 1986.  The full size garden railroad has now gone. (source)

NSW Broken Hill picnic train, 1912

With Silverton Tramway Company (3 ft 6 inch gauge) locomotive, Y16, See earlier posts.

Wellington tram in Constable Street, circa 1910

Looking west. "Wait here for tram and bus" says the sign on the shop at left.

For lots more, see the books Wellington: a Capital Century and Wellington Transport Memories.

'Macedon' (3) coastal cargo ship, Australia

"2,737 gross tons, 3749 dwt. Length, breadth: 96 x 14 metres. Service speed: 12 knots. Cargo vessel built by J L Meyer, Papenburg in 1957 for Howard Smith Industries Pty. Ltd. 1986 sold to Tugire Pty Ltd, Port Kembla, renamed Macedon I. Broken up at Kaohsiung commencing 1 July 1987"

ferry and tram in Mosman Bay, Sydney, early 20th century

See earlier posts.

SP 6-unit lash-up passes through Truckee, California

About to tackle the climb up the east side of the Donner Pass route.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

'Final rusting place'

by Australian artist Natasha Hodgson - website

Wellington Central Fire Station, circa 1930

This was replaced by the one in Oriental Bay in 1937; the clock tower belongs to the old Wellington Town Hall -- see the book Wellington: a Capital century.

Friday, March 9, 2018

an Aero Minor -- a Czech gift for Stalin

Obviously it didn't look like this at the time it was given. "It was lost for over fifty years and in 2013 resurfaced again." (

Thursday, March 8, 2018

circa 1950 Seagrave Emblem Quad V12 fire truck

an ex-PLM Pacific, SNCF 231K

This one, #22, seen in Boulogne in 1964, is now preserved in Germany.

The 231K class of the PLM hauled numerous trains, but the best known of them was the celebrated Train Bleu which connected Paris and Nice. 


a Jouef model of a 231K

75 years of the MOB poster, Switzerland, 1976

Featuring some of the posters used in its history to that point.  A few have been posted on this blog.

buses in Kénitra, Morocco, 1930

The one on the right is at a fuel pump which looks like it dispenses "Essence Sphinx".

buses in Avenue de l'Espagne, Tanger, Morocco, 1950s

With passengers' luggage in the process of being tied onto the roof of the bus in the centre.  The station (see earlier post) is on the left.

2 x Southern Pacific SD70M

Seen at Cable, California, a few miles north of Tehachapi in 1994.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

'would you like to read my book with me?'

Tanger station and railyard, Morocco

No date -- 1970s? This has been replaced since 2003:

"La gare Tanger-Ville a été érigée à un nouvel emplacement à deux km du vieux port. Elle remplace deux anciennes gares situées dans le périmètre du port de Tanger ville qui furent intitulées gares Tanger ville et Tanger port." (Wikipedia)

pristine 1977 Holden A9X Torana to fetch up to $A250 k at auction


in need of autoglass...

De Havilland DH 82A Tiger Moth

Seen at the Paraparaumu Airport Open Day last Saturday. (Karl Webber pic)

SAAB 90 / 90A / 90A-1 Scandia

Almost the Scandinavian version of the DC-3, this was manufactured in 1946 as the prototype for the 18 built.  Interim registration was on 11 November 1946 at Linköping. In 1950 it went to Brazil. Scrapping was in 1972.

Info on the aircraft

Steven Joyce quits the NZ parliament

Long time readers will have seen several critical comments on this blog about Mr Joyce during his tenure of the Minister of Transport position in the Cabinet for his anti-rail, pro-motorway stance.

Yesterday he announced that after his failed bid for leadership of the National Party (now in opposition), he has decided to resign from parliament.  News story.

No doubt, the Road Transport Forum will be pleased to offer him a position in their powerful lobby group.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wellington collection of old fire trucks to go on sale

"Over the month of March I will be listing and posting items for sale or tender. Six of the engines I plan to dispose of together if a suitable buyer can be found. Part of the collection will be offered back to the original owners as agreed.

"I intend to open the collection for viewing for 3 days over Easter. I will up date you via this Facebook page, for any other inquiries please email me or contact me via Facebook messaging.

"Thanks to those that have followed this page over the years!"

See more on the Facebook Page

1926 Dodge Roadster

1973 Lincoln Continental