Tuesday, June 20, 2017

1973 Austin Allegro

An interesting article on this very reviled car is here

1967 Cadillac DeVille

Opua to Okiato for Russell car ferry, Bay of Islands, circa 1980

Opua to Russell is a distance of 9 km, Okiato is just across the inlet.

1968 Triumph Vitesse

This six-cylinder 2-seater car was produced from 1962-1971 in saloon and convertible variants.

General Electric invests in Egypt's railway infrastructure

Interior of the Ramses station in Cairo.
It includes a 15-year agreement for parts and technical support for GE locomotives in ENR’s new and current fleet. The agreement includes technical training aimed at improving local capabilities and technical skills for more than 275 ENR engineers and employees. A total of $US 575 million according to this article

1964 Morris Oxford Traveller

viligante mows down Muslims with a van outside the Finsbury Mosque in London


One killed, 8 injured.  The perpetrator, obviously intending a revenge attack, was captured.

For a number of reasons, we strongly recommend against vigilante actions like this.

The scorecard kept by the religion of peace website puts it into context, however.

1950 Pau, France, Grand Prix poster

Monday, June 19, 2017

1967 Chrysler Imperial

1937 Adler 2.5 liter

Clearly influenced by earlier cars like the Chrysler Airflow, a total 21,249 of this model were produced until 1940 and WW2.   Wikipedia article

The Adler 2 liter was a more standard shape, the 1939 brochure front and back below:

Ford R Series bus

One of a series of Wallace Trickett paintings on the theme Tranzit 100 to mark the bus company's progress from 1924 when it was founded as Grey Bus Services of Carterton to the centenary in 7 years time.

Coach 22 was new to Blue Bus Services in 1971 as the company's first 45 seater. The late Les Stringer is shown taking it to the car races at Te Marua north of Upper Hutt around 1982. It was a popular and well patronized run for all ages, but most passengers came home covered in track dust.

Coach 22 was retired around 1998 becoming a house bus, 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

1951 Wolseley 6/80

1950 Mercury Monterey

Pennsylvania Railroad interchange yard in west Philadelphia, 1902

'yes this transpress nz book is good'

Trans-Australia Airlines Vickers Viscount passenger poster, 1954

TAA was the first airline outside Europe to introduce the Vickers Viscount.

Qantas Lockheed 188C Electra from 1959


V/Line train set cartoon, Australia

This was circulated on Facebook a while ago.

a whale bus

One of the more bizarre futurist notions from the early 1900s.

1961 Ford Falcon Ute (Australia)

tram in ulica Nalewki, Warsaw, 1920s

If this area looks unrecognizable today, it's because it was at the heart of the Jewish Ghetto created by the Nazis in 1940.  It was liquidated in 1943, but not before a battle.  As a result, the Nazis completely razed it and it was rebuilt after WW2.

ss 'Makura' in San Francisco

This was a passenger ship which ran mainly from Sydney to San Francisco for the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand during the 1930s. The oil painting on canvas panel was commissioned of Wallace Trickett by a family in New Zealand whose mother was actually born on the ship during one of its many passages to Australia from the USA. It shows the ship by the Golden Gate bridge under construction at that time. This will be the subject of a talk on Coast Access Radio, 104.7 FM on Sunday at 8.30 pm, NZ time.

Egyptians remain hostile to the transfer of Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia

After Egypt’s parliament had approved the maritime demarcation deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, tens of citizens in several areas in Cairo and Alexandria took to streets to protest the decision.

About 16 political activists who opposed the transfer deal from different governorates were arrested on Wednesday in police raids that were held at the dawn.

Qasr El Nile prosecution has just released eight of them on EGP 10,000 bail.

The approved agreement by the Parliament terminates Egypt’s sovereignty over Red Sea Islands of Tiran and Sanafir and transferring them to be under the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia.