Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gare de Lyon - Départ Grandes Lignes, early 1960s

The mainline departure and destination display at Paris's Gare de Lyon in the early 1960s - a lot of railway nostalgia here!  Trains are categorised as Express, Rapide and Omnibus, the Rapides being the most prestigious.  Among these are Le Mistral to Marseille and Nice and the TEE Cisalpin to Dijon, Lausanne (Switzerland) and Milan (Italy).  It must be about midday as the next trains to depart with platforms allocated are within the hour.

Even the old advertisements are interesting - one for the Tramway du Mt Blanc, the French equivalent to Mt Lowe and even more exciting (we will do as post on this soon), the Cote d'Azur and a banner across the bottom for the paquebot service from Marseille to and from North Africa.

If you need a porter it will cost you 70 centimes per colis (parcel).

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