Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new Polish Electric Multiple Units to run at 160 km/h

Fourteen FLIRT electric multiple unit trains produced and delivered by Stadler for the province of Silesia (top picture) and the province of Mazovia (bottom picture) have been granted the permanent Rail Transport Authority’s (Urząd Transportu Kolejowego) homologation to run at a speed of 160 km/h. The FLIRT train is the first Polish EMU to get this authorisation. So far Stadler has sold over 540 FLIRT trains for several customers in Europe.

Manufacturer: Stadler Polska Poland, Siedlce
Axle arrangement: Bo'2'2'2'Bo '
Formation of cars: s + d + d + s
Number of seats: 212 (172 permanent)
Service weight 118 tonnes
Total length: 74 metres
Width: 2880 mm
Height: 4288 mm
Driving wheel diameter: 860 mm-750 mm roller bearings
Supply voltage: 3000 V DC
Engine power: 4 x 500 kW
Type of traction motors: asynchronous
Continuous power: to 2000 kW
Acceleration: 1.2 metres/s ²
Design speed: 160 km/h

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