Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alstom's new Prima II electric locomotives

Designed and built by Alstom's plant in Belfort, France, the prototype was presented to the media (photo above) in June last year. Prima II electrics are equipped with the latest developments in power electronics (IGBT inverter). They can operate on the four different railway voltages in use in Europe - 25 kV, 15 kV, 1,500 V and 3,000 V - and thus easily cross borders. On these voltages, and depending on the configuration selected by the customer (goods or passenger transport), the locomotive has a power output of up to 6,400 kW and runs at speeds of 140 to 200 km/h.  

The first locomotive for a customer was delivered to Moroccan Railways (ONCF) in September last year and we understand the intended fleet of 20 have all now been delivered there.  Certification for use in France and Germany was to have been completed by now.

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