Monday, August 1, 2016

1973 Bedford J2 minibus

It's a fair assumption that the owner is a chocolate fan :-)  Probably an ex-NZED school bus.

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Wallace said...

Ha ha memories. Amusingly when I worked for Blue Bus Services at Masterton they operated three of these long nose Bedfords. One day on an afternoon School run a college lad decided to light a jumping jack firework off inside , it was his last ride on a school bus getting permanently banned for what could have caused an accident or fire as well as causing upset with many of the younger children. Then I had a disgruntled farmer who for some reason had an attitude problem with anyone else using the paper road past his property. One day he decided to follow me and reported me for doing over 100 kph!!! The school bus is restricted to 80kph when carrying children and signs up, so my boss invited him to go out with him and sure enough they could hardly make 75kph and that was empty with the governor wide open!!! He never complained again!!!