Thursday, August 18, 2016

SNCB autorail class 608 from 1936

Inspired by the railcars built for the GWR in England, this was a class of six diesel-mechanical units ordered in 1936 from Forges Usines et Fonderies in Haine-Saint-Pierre with an 8-cylinder, 220 kW (295 hp) motor built by Carels under license from Ganz. One, 608.05, is preserved at the Chemins de Fer à Vapeur des 3 Vallées.
Type: B-2
Road numbers: 608.01-608.06
Weight: 36.6 tonnes
Maximum speed: 126 km/h
Total length: 23.4 metres
Seating places: 10 second class, 50 third class

An HO scale model of unit 608.01; the markings show 1st and 2nd class accommodation rather than 2nd and 3rd.

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