Sunday, August 14, 2016

Egypt wants the tourists to come back

The revolution amid the 'Arab Spring' led by the Muslim Brotherhood in 2011 was disastrous for Egypt's tourist industry, but even more for the country's antiquities, many of which were looted during the fortunately short-lived Morsi regime.

The image of insecurity was reinforced by the ISIS downing of a Russian passenger jet returning from resort of Sharm el Sheik last October.

However, despite the impressions, Egypt is no less safe for tourists than France, Britain and Germany are now.  The country is not repressed by religious fanatics like Saudi Arabia; women can dress as they like and go where they like (although to avoid unwanted attention from predatory males it is recommended they keep shoulders and knees covered on the streets). And you can buy alcohol, pork and bacon in Egypt.

This National Geographic Channel trailer looks at developments like the giant new Egyptian Museum being built (due for opening in 2018) and archaeologists uncovering more of one of the world's oldest and most tangible civilizations.

A new tourism website is here

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