Saturday, July 28, 2012

Save TVNZ 7 still active

Obviously the campaign needs a new name ... maybe "Reinstate Public Service TV", but the chances of that don't look good under the present government: from the latest newsletter:-

TVNZ seems to operate in total fear fear of its shareholder (this
government who have demanded profits at all costs), fear of its
competitors (losing the ratings war) and fear of its audience (as
if acknowledging the substantial audience for public service telly
would cause an uprising). For me the withdrawal of TVNZ 7 from
on-demand perfectly demonstrates TVNZ's failure to provide programmes 
for all New Zealanders. Of course this is the 
main thrust of our complaint to the Ombudsman.

Interestingly, online television website Ziln are currently
negotiating with TVNZ to put online all that TVNZ 7 back catalog.
They've setup an online public service channel called, wait for it,
'7' and are wanting to build on its success with new programmes as
Link and here
Gossip is flying around about other potential public service television
options too. Parliament TV, Maori TV, various news websites, TV
production companies, regional broadcasters and even SkyTV are rumoured
to be thinking of launching a new public service television channel.
It's a period of upheaval and hopefully the various groups can be drawn
together into a focussed, successful and non-commercial public service.

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Wallace said...

TVNZ have lost touch with todays audiences, trying to compete with the food channel with kitchen overload programmes or trying to convince us we need Coro St...yawn
Their 6 O CLOCK news appears to be presented more of a showtime than professional news which TV3 far exceeds at, though I think their (tv1)later bulletin at 10.30 is presented well.It also has come down to personalities more than the straight facts, and other shows have gone downhill also, Fair Go a good example.