Tuesday, July 24, 2012

former Salzburg trams, Austria

We mentioned in the previous post that Salzburg has had trolleybuses since 1940.  That was the year that the previous trams were replaced in three stages.  The electric tram system (standard gauge) took over in 1909 from the horse trams and used the relatively high voltage of 1000 V DC.  Because the cars were painted yellow instead of the red of the city's Lokalbahn railcars, people spoke of "the Electric Yellow" and even the Rasenden Eierspeis (racing scrambled eggs).  The system was only 3.6 km.

Tramcars used were:-

5 from MAN (1 to 5, built 1909)
4 from Maschinen- und Waggonbau Fabriks AG Simmering (6 to 9, built 1912 - 1916)
2 from the Grazer Wagen- und Waggonfabriks AG (10 and 11, built 1926)

The electrical equipment of all power cars came from Siemens. Five trailers (101 to 105, built 1920) came from Simmering. An overhead maintenance tram, not numbered, completed the list.  Maximum speed on the system was 20 km/h (12 mph)

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