Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bastille Day - 14 July

As observed before, in France it is simply known as le quatorze juillet, although it effectively marks the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

As an appropriate photo, here is a form of transport which is unique and in France - a mechanical elephant!  This was completed in the city of Nantes a few weeks ago and took 70,000 hours of work over 2 and a half years at a cost of 2.5 million Euros.  It is 11.4 metres high, 21.6 metres long and 8.2 metres wide and weighs 48.4 tonnes.  It uses 38 hydraulic cylinders, 6 pneumatic cylinders and 10 gas cylinders.  It can carry 49 passengers, probably at about the speed of a real elephant.

For a more conventional transport scene in the same city, here is a view of the tram system, see earlier posts.  (Geoff Churchman pics)


Wallace said...

I have to congratulate you Geoff on your photos , really enjoying them and especially those of the European lightrail systems. They look really smart, clean and the surrounding district. Why oh why is NZ so far behind in this way of thinking. regards.

Geoff said...

Thanks. Why is NZ so far behnd in light rail? A big problem is that NZ's politicans often can't see beyond the next election. There is a real chance for a light rail system in Christchurch however. Don't expect the fools in the present government to do anything, but the next parliamentary election is only 16 months away.