Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pilsen trams, Czech Republic

Ferdinand Strasse obviously dates from before WW1

Ringplatz is now Namesti Republiky
two views of the City Theatre which still exists

Klattauer Strasse
the Adriatic Buffet to the left
a postcard from 1964
This city's electric tram system (standard gauge) has been operating since 1899 and is an important part of the city's public transport now as it has always been.  The city has been modernised considerably in the last 60 years, however, there is still a nicely preserved old town area centered around the Namesti Republiky (Republic Square) which contains St Batholomew's Church.

Until 1945 postcards were usually produced in German versions, but that year all German speakers were expelled from Czechoslavakia and all street signs became monolingual.

Preserved tram number 18, one of 20 delivered in 1899.  They had 18.4 kW motors and could accommodate 14 seated passengers and 12 standing. (Geoff Churchman)
two connected trams in Sady Petatricatniku in front of the Big Synagogue.  You wonder how many of the city's Jews were left to use it after the Nazi period (1939-1945) (Geoff Churchman)
A Tatra tram seen in Solni Prazka. (Geoff Churchman)
a recent VarioLF Plus tram seen in Prezovska. (Geoff Churchman)

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