Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Ionic

Yesterday a customer rang saying he had read Peter Plowman's book Migrant Ships to Australia and New Zealand 1900 - 1939 , co-published by us, but he had made a mistake about the Ionic. The ship could not have been scrapped in 1908 because he had a certificate saying a relative had sailed on it leaving the UK in December 1922.

As we suspected, he had read page 11 of the book but had not got as far as page 68 - there were two ships with that name. The one which lasted to the end of 1936 was one of three sisters, the others being the Athenic and the Corinthic. (Note that a description as "sister ships" means that the ships closely resemble each other, but are not necessarily identical.)

Here are photos of the two ships - which one is which? This time gentle reader, we are going to let you read the book to find out!

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