Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Before the days of political correctness

Given all the fuss over former TVNZ Breakfast presenter Paul Henry's remarks about whether someone of Indian origin should be Governor General and an Indian woman's surname, it is worth reflecting on what was perfectly acceptable 80 years ago! Here is a page from the original edition of the bande dessinée or comic book Tintin au Congo from 1931 - which accurately reflected the Belgians' attitude about the population of their then colony! It was later redone in 1946 in a colour version with some of the content toned down.

"Silence! You are going to repair your dirty little machine!"
"Dirty little machine!"
"Yes your dirty little trick"
"Go! To work!"
"Me tired"
"Have you no shame? Letting a dog do all the work!"
"Go, lazy bunch! To work..."
"Are you going to work, yes or no?"
"But I'm going to get dirty"

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