Saturday, January 7, 2017

satire on German political correctness

My day sequence of events
8:00 built snowman
8:10 the first feminist on the way to uni complains that it isn't a snowwoman
8:15 snowwoman thus built
8:20 the gay of a street further rebukes me that it should be two snowmen
8:30 I'm accused of being a racist as the snow is white
8:35 Fatma from the corner demands a hijab for the snowwoman
8:40 the police step in and observe the scenario
8:45 the SEK [special deployment commando] step in as the broomstick could be used as a hitting weapon
8:50 the Islamic State learn of the snowman
8:50 my cellphone is seized and examined while I am taken blindfolded in a helicopter to the state prosecutor
9:00 I am asked about possible collaborators
I've had enough

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