Thursday, January 19, 2017

will the Trump era see not just good relations with Russia, but less intervention in the affairs of other countries?

An end to the U.S's self-appointed role of World Policeman has been a platform plank of the US Liberterian Party for decades.

The "military-industrial complex" as described by President Eisenhower in 1961 has seen the U.S. get involved militarily in approximately 82 countries since WW2.   The basic strategy has been: if the country's government is friendly to us we'll support them, if it's hostile we'll destabilize them or have them ousted.

During the years of the Cold War and its superpower rivalry this made sense.  But with the Cold War over, the need for military spending has diminished.  And that's been bad for business on the part of the arms manufacturers. These have been more than happy with Obama and Hillary, however.

Obama with Secretary of State Hillary not just continued the George W. Bush administration's military involvement in foreign countries, but dramatically increased it.  Under Obama there has been the biggest military build-up against Russia's frontiers since Hitler's in 1941.

How much the CIA has been responsible for Obama and Hillary's actions is hard to judge but it must have been significant. Trump has been openly critical of the CIA so it's no surprise its chief has been critical of Trump.  We agree with Trump, though: the CIA with Dubya and Hillary destabilized the whole Middle East.

Relations with Russia should improve with Trump in power and that should be good for reestablishing if not human rights -- which in some countries like North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran just won't happen --  then at least stability and peace everywhere.

Here is another interesting RT interview with Australian filmmaker John Pilger.

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