Saturday, January 14, 2017

Phoenix, Arizona, gingerbread light rail train

'Valley Metro, came to us with a request we get every year - to spread holiday cheer in a non-denominational sort of way. They asked us to create a concept that was playful, fun and put a smile on their riders' faces. They also wanted to be seen as a vital community partner. Valley Metro had recently partnered with the Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development - a resource for vulnerable and homeless youth that designates safe places where children can seek help. In fact, every Valley Metro light rail stop was designated a Safe Place. With this in mind, R&R Partners' Phoenix-based team created light-rail and bus wraps to convey the spirit of the holidays while also giving needed exposure to Tumbleweed's "Teens in Need Charity Drive." The theme of a gingerbread house was a great way to honor an organization devoted to creating safe places for kids. Additionally, creating individual gingerbread men and women provided an opportunity to showcase the diverse ridership Valley Metro carries on a daily basis.' (R&R Partners advertising agency)

The 26.3 mile (42 km) Valley Metro Light Rail opened in December 2008 -- info here.  The whole system map including buses is here (pdf)

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