Wednesday, November 9, 2016

US presidential election: the establishment, globalists and Islamists get the flipped bird

The arms manufacturers, arms dealers, Wall Street crooks and bankers with snouts in the trough won't be happy.  Existing and intending illegal immigrants from south of the border won't be happy either.

Those concerned about a war with Russia or China and the world-wide menace of belligerent Muslims will be relieved.

Those concerned about the poor state of much of America's infrastructure will be pleased.

Not all of Trump's policies we agree with, but that's always going to be the case with any successful party or candidate. On balance, Trump was the better choice.

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Wallace said...

Yes I agree, and so would many others who have been negative towards him based on the mass media anti Trump campaign including here in NZ. To many journalists and newsreaders brought their own personal feelings into it, one of the worse was the girl newsreader on Newshub who was prancing around like her lollypop had been taken off her whilst showing the stats last night on TV3 and got all excited the other day when Clinton was favoured to win. Childish.
I believe fresh change was needed to help those towns and places neglected or forgotten about in the Bush and Obarma years, and with the winds of change heading through Europe the whole global structure is getting turned inside out.Perhaps change here next year will be healthy too.