Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Saudi Arabia’s Aramco suspends oil product supply to Egypt ‘until further notice'

Clearly the Saudi Barbarians didn't like Egypt's support for a Russian resolution on Syria at the UN. If Egypt does a deal with Iran for it instead, they'll like that even less, however. According to this report, neighboring Israel gets its oil from Russia, Khazakstan and a lot from the Kurds in Iraq.

Saudi Arabian oil company Aramco has suspended its shipments of oil products to Egypt “until further notice,” Egypt’s Minister of Oil Tarek El Molla said on Monday.

“They did not give us a reason. They only informed the authority about halting shipments of petroleum products until further notice,” an unnamed Egyptian official told Reuters.

According to Reuters, El Molla confirmed to reporters in Abu Dhabi, where he is attending an energy summit, that Aramco has indefinitely suspended the shipments.

El Molla was rumored to have traveled to Iran on Sunday in hopes of signing a new oil supply deal amid the uncertainty that had surrounded Egypt’s deal with Aramco.

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