Wednesday, April 5, 2017

UP 5-unit E9 lash-up in Nebraska, 1966

When it comes to impressive landscapes, Nebraska probably isn't a state that immediately comes to mind, but this scene is still appealing. This shows a passenger-mail train between Los Angeles and Omaha (UP's base city), near the destination.

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Anonymous said...

#902 is actually an E9a, part of fifteen units rebuilt from early E3/E6/E7 cab-units in 1956 to current E9 specifications (#902 was E-6#992).
These 15 were the only E9's to carry over the nosedoor headlight, the factory built E9a on the UP did not have the oscillating Signal light and therefore carried only the Headlight in the upper nose mount.
Also E9a Headlight rings were of a rubber grommet mount appearing much thinner than the E8a which had a rolled steel ring. UP E8a unit's all had dual light housings.
E8/E9b units were indistinguishable.

in New Zealand