Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sweden's Defence Minister vows to defend Sweden against alleged 'Russian threat'


What a complete joke this is -- the country can't even defend its citizens against its Muslim migrants:  at least 55 urban areas are identified as 'no go' zones for kuffar (the Muslim word for infidels), the Swedish Post Office has stopped deliveries to them and ambulance staff won't venture into some of them without Police escorts and protective clothing.

Is this statement simply a ploy to deflect the ire of Sweden's citizens about the deteriorating domestic situation?  Definitely.


Wallace said...

I have read over past months on your blog about the negatives/trouble going on in Sweden with the increase in migrants. A few weeks ago on TV3 news after a terrorist attack the impression was given from those interviewed that this was quite out of the blue and quote'Sweden is a lovely country and there is usually no trouble!" end quote.It was a lovely country when I visited it several decades ago so why the denial on the escalating problem , I always thought and respected Swedish folk were well educated,read a lot and would be up front on their homeland issues given what the world is seeing going on?

transpress nz said...

The problem is that like Merkel's Germany, domestic news reports in Sweden are highly censored by government agencies and a lot of Swedes don't know what is going on. They probably don't know that 800,000 + Muslim migrants have given the country the highest rape rape in Europe.

But they are not as stupid as to believe that Russia is going to invade them.