Saturday, June 25, 2016

the currency speculators had a good day, but it will soon back to normal

The figures on the USD value as expressed in British Pounds over the last week.  No doubt the speculators are all very pleased with themselves; the last time they had a day like this was when Switzerland unpegged its currency.  Within a short time, however, this will simply appear as a strange blip.

Now for the positive times ahead -- lots of countries want to conclude their own direct trade agreements with Britain, and A/NZ will be at the head of the queue. Dealing with the Brits should be a whole lot easier than with the Eurocrats. Remember the good old days before 1973 when A/NZ and Britain were major merchandise traders? Market distortions in Britain caused by ridiculous EU grants to relocate industries elsewhere in Europe are over, the costs of complying with silly EU regulations are going, there is now every reason to invest in Britain and manufacturing should recover -- good for jobs. Britain will soon no longer be paying the European bureaucrats a net contribution of about £8.5 billion annually (£233 million a day), and will be able to spend that money at home instead.

In all, it's time to be happy!

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