Wednesday, November 18, 2015

the victims of the Islamist attacks in Paris last Friday

Photos and details (partly in English) of each of the 130 murdered are here


Wallace said...

It really brings it home when you see the faces .many not yet in their prime with what should have been their lives ahead of them.Apart from the obvious grief all their families are going through,it must be equally traumatic for those whom have had the job of police and medic workers and undertakers,nothing more tragic than seeing a person loose their life whether deliberate or by accident.I hope Putin/Obarma use nukes or dirty bombs on all the ISIS bases, eliminate the vermin for good, cut off the finances.

transpress nz said...

Some of these victims were dismembered and tortured as they lay on the floor, too.

A bunch of depraved psychopathic scum that needs to be removed extremely quickly from the world.