Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the hacker collective "Anonymous" promises a massive response against ISIS

"Ces attentats ne peuvent pas rester impunis, c'est pourquoi les Anonymous du monde entier vont vous traquer. Oui, vous les vermines qui tuent les pauvres innocents, nous allons vous traquer, comme nous avons pu le faire depuis les attentats de Charlie Hebdo."

"Attendez-vous donc à une réaction massive d'Anonymous. Sachez que nous vous trouverons et que nous ne lâcherons rien. Nous allons lancer l'opération la plus importante jamais réalisée contre vous, attendez-vous à de très nombreuses cyberattaques. La guerre est déclenchée, préparez-vous. Le peuple français est plus fort que tout et se relèvera de cette atrocité encore plus fort, sachez-le."

("These attacks can not remain unpunished, that's why the Anonymous of the whole world will track you down.  Yes, you the vermin who kill poor innocents, we are going to hunt you down, like we have been able to do since the attacks of Charlie Hebdo.

Await then a massive reaction from Anonymous. Know that we will find you and we will not relinquish. We will launch the biggest operation ever undertaken against you, you can expect a large number of cyber attacks. The war is triggered, get ready. The French people are stronger than all and will rise even stronger from this atrocity, know it.")

This group has been credited with identifying 9200 Twitter accounts associated with the Islamic terrorists since the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.  But, of course, there are many more.

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Wallace said...

Given the collective agreement among nations now united to rid the world of this vermin, I would not be surprised if the use of nuclear arms is possible against ISIS given the superpowers are determined to show force.Like cancer ,if you don't eliminate it spreads.