Wednesday, April 13, 2011

General Motors E7 locomotive artwork

A pair of E7 units shown in the livery of the New York Central.  The 4,000 hp refers to the pair combined, as each locomotive was rated at 2,000 hp (1,490 kW).

A total of 428 A units and 82 cabless B units were built between February 1945 and April 1949.  The wheel arrangement was A1A-A1A and the prime mover was the EMD 567A two-stroke diesel V12 × 2. As mentioned in the post about the RR museum of Pennsylvania, only one is left, a static display.

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mhdantholz said...

This bad bitch was the best of its type ever built USA, hands down. The ride was as smooth as ... well, you know. Moving parts machined by hand from ordnance-grade bar stock.
It was a match for the more famous ZEPHYR and others of Union & Southern Pacific.
Dining & bar cars with full service, natch. LOOK HOW FAR we've come, aren't we smart, haven't we built a brave new world